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Global Europe 05-08-2019

France, Germany condemn protest crackdown in Moscow

France and Germany on Sunday (4 July) condemned a Russian police crackdown on a banned opposition rally that saw hundreds detained, with Paris criticising an "excessive use of force" after a second weekend of protests over the exclusion of opposition candidates from local Moscow polls next month.
Global Europe 18-01-2017

The Kremlin ‘full of enthusiasm’ to interfere in EU elections

Full of enthusiasm for Brexit and Trump's election, the Kremlin will actively interfere with this year’s elections in Europe, first and foremost in France and Germany, but also in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, an opponent to Russian President Vladimir Putin told EURACTIV.com yesterday (17 January).
A young man with a Ukraine flag defies the police in Moscow, 21 September [Reuters]
Europe's East 22-09-2014

Russian opposition defies Putin with anti-war marches

Thousands of Russians marched in protest against the armed conflict in Ukraine yesterday (21 September) in the first major anti-war rally since the start of the standoff between Kyiv and pro-Russian rebels.