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Enlargement 13-07-2017

Serbia to limit sale of agricultural land to foreigners

The Serbian Ministry of Agriculture is planning to unveil draft amendments and supplements to the Law on Agricultural Land with the aim of limiting the sale of such land to foreigners before 1 September, when the market is to be liberalised. EURACTIV.rs reports.
Enlargement 04-11-2015

Kosovo’s European future edges closer

Kosovo’s increasing cooperation and gradual integration with the EU single market lays the foundation for the country’s ultimate goal: EU accession, writes Hashim Thaçi.
Enlargement 16-09-2008

Dutch delay Serbia’s march towards EU membership

The Union's foreign ministers failed yesterday (15 September) to overcome Dutch opposition to unblocking a trade accord with Serbia but said they were confident they could do so at their next meeting on 13 October.
Enlargement 09-09-2008

Serbia ratifies key EU pre-membership accord

Serbia has overcome another hurdle on its path towards EU membership with today's (9 September) ratification by its parliament of a key pre-accession agreement offering the country closer trade relations and easier travel within the Union.
Enlargement 29-08-2008

Serbia ready to sacrifice EU membership over Kosovo

Serbia's Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic made clear yesterday (28 August) that if Serbia had to choose between joining the EU and keeping Kosovo, it would choose the latter, indicating a departure from an earlier position that both objectives were equally important.
Enlargement 31-07-2008

Making Bosnia and Herzegovina’s transformation irreversible

Despite the success of recent reforms and a burgeoning economy, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) has yet to overcome a number of hurdles on its path to EU accession, argues Lidija Topic in a June 2008 policy brief for the European Policy Centre.
Global Europe 29-07-2008

The EU will want more from Serbia than arrests

While the arrest of accused war criminal Radovan Karadzic on 21 July could signal the beginning of Serbia's reconciliation with its role in the Western Balkan wars of the 1990s, Kosovo could still prove a stumbling block for further EU negotiations, argues Tomas Valasek in a 25 July commentary for the Centre for European Reform.
Enlargement 25-07-2008

Serbia softens Kosovo stance, pledges EU ambassadors’ return

The Serbian government decided yesterday (24 July) to return its ambassadors to those EU countries that have recognised Kosovo's independence, in a move aimed at further encouraging the bloc's leaders to grant Serbia candidate status, possibly by as early as the end of the year.
Enlargement 13-05-2008

Serbia: EU hails victory of pro-Western camp

Despite an unexpected 10 percent victory in Sunday's parliamentary elections in Serbia, the pro-European camp of President Boris Tadic is not able to govern alone and may depend on the Socialist Party of former dictator Slobodan Milosevic to form a government.
Enlargement 06-05-2008

Serbia’s EU course turns into question of life and death

Just days before crucial parliamentary elections (11 May), the question of Serbia's future accession to the EU has become an issue of existential importance as the country's President Boris Tadic has received a death threat over his pro-EU stance.
Enlargement 30-04-2008

EU and Serbia ink key pact ahead of vote

In a move seen as a boost to Serbia's pro-European forces ahead of the elections on 11 May, the EU's foreign ministers and the country's pro-EU President Boris Tadic signed a long-delayed pre-EU accession agreement. But Serbia's nationalist Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica immediately declared this act illegal, saying the next government would annul it.
Enlargement 17-04-2008

Vote for police reform brings Bosnia closer to EU

With a vote in the Bosnian parliament yesterday (16 April) to reform the country's police forces, the Balkan state cleared the final hurdle towards signing a pre-membership deal with the EU.
Central Europe 14-05-2007

Serbia forms pro-European government

Ultra-nationalist Parliament President Tomislav Nikolic is expected to step down, raising hopes that the country will be back on the EU track.
Enlargement 09-11-2006

Balkans enlargement faces slowdown

The Commission’s reports on the Western Balkans show that the EU has taken a tougher line on future enlargements. Tackling issues of judiciary reform, corruption and organised crime are some of the key issues.
Central Europe 22-06-2006

Serbia: EU rejects Kostunica’s criticism

The Commission rebuts the criticism of Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, who blames the EU for Serbia's lack of progress on its path towards the EU.
Enlargement 13-06-2006

Albania: First step towards EU membership

On 12 June 2006 Albania signed as the third Western Balkan state a Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU. Negotiations on a similar agreement with newly independent Montenegro are underway.
Med & South 29-05-2006

Analysis: A plea for a more assertive EU Neighbourhood Policy

In this article of the Quarterly “Integration” of the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP), Barbara Lippert calls for an intensification of the European Neighbourhood Policy.