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Digital & Media 28-05-2008

EU Internet agency urges action to avoid ‘digital 9/11’

Cyber threats need to be tackled more vigorously by member states in order to preserve the European economy, said Europe's internet security agency as it showcased its achievements in Brussels on 27 May.
Brexit 13-12-2007

EU rules on misleading ads enter into force

Christmas shopping may be safer for European consumers this year after a new directive against unfair commercial practices entered into force. The directive clearly defines and bans for the first time at European level a variety of misleading and aggressive behaviour, such as falsely creating the impression of free offers or pushing for a purchase.
Digital & Media 05-12-2007

New EU efforts to protect privacy on the Web

The European Commission will 'significantly' increase funding in the next few years to support the development of technologies which protect user privacy on the internet, Vice President Franco Frattini announced yesterday (4 December).
Digital & Media 01-11-2007

EU web security watchdog sets sights on ‘MySpace’

The booming popularity of social networking sites raises several security issues that must be tackled with educational campaigns and updated legislation, recommends the EU agency for network and information security ENISA.
Digital & Media 17-09-2007

Internet Security

Security in the online world is essential for the internet to realise its economic potential - but experts agree that there is no simple solution to a problem that has multiple dimensions: technological, societal, economic and psychological.
Brexit 13-07-2007

Traditional payment systems still dominate e-commerce

While the internet is seen by many suppliers and consumers as a virtual trading platform, payment systems are the 'Achilles heel' of e-commerce for the consumer, argues Stefan Heng from the Deutshe Bank Research.
Digital & Media 06-02-2007

Parents: Beware the internet and mobile phones!

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day 2007 (6 February), Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding writes on the risks and opportunities from recent trends in internet technology with regard to children. 
Digital & Media 06-02-2007

Commission tackles cell-phone risks to children

The 2007 edition of Safer Internet Day focuses on mobile phones and child safety.
Digital & Media 13-12-2006

MEPs adopt plan to protect children online

The Parliament has adopted, with a broad majority, a Recommendation for a number of measures to better shield minors from illegal content on the internet.

EU pushes Safer Internet programme

The Commission has published a call for proposals aimed at making the Internet a "safer place".