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Transport 15-06-2022

Make electric vehicles comply with safety and sustainability demands

CITA strongly believes that for electric vehicles to play out their full potential in terms of achieving sustainable and safe mobility while ensuring user acceptance over time, the Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) remains essential and needs to be quickly adapted for EVs.
Energy 01-10-2021

The lesser-known hydrogen roadblock: safety concerns

The high flammability of hydrogen – a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas – has prompted EU lawmakers to ensure that potential safety issues do not stymie the market uptake of this rather novel energy carrier.
Trade & Society 02-05-2016

Commission lashes out at TTIP leaks as ‘storm in a teacup’

The EU hit back at Greenpeace on Monday (2 May) for promoting "misconceptions" after it leaked documents about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) showing that the US is pressuring Brussels to roll back health and environmental standards.
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Jobs take their toll: understanding the impact of ageing, gender and occupational hazards on workers

Employers and most European governments tell us we will all have to work for longer. But how can workers in backbreaking jobs do that? As it is, many never manage to work out a full career due to physical or mental burnout.
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Transport 04-07-2013

EU Debate on Automated Driving

For the first time in EU history, top automotive and transport officials at the European Parliament discussed the implications of autonomous driving, a hotly debated subject within the automotive industry.
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Transport 13-05-2013

Smart Move Campaign Presentation

Governments all over the world are looking for sustainable ways to improve safety on their roads and environmental preservation while meeting all their citizens’ mobility needs with the least amount of time and money.   Buses and coaches are instrumental in effectively achieving these sustainable mobility objectives. Best practices and proven solutions, which are easy to implement, are at our fingertips.  
Transport 04-09-2012

Pilots say cost-cutting may put passengers at risk

Airlines' efforts to lighten their aircraft by taking on less fuel could be putting passengers at risk, European pilots and labour organisations say following several incidents where flight crews made emergency landings because of low fuel reserves.
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Climate change 16-05-2012

Water Efficiency: What role for infrastructure?

The European Commission is expected to issue a 'Blueprint for Safeguarding Europe's Water' in 2012. The aim of this policy initiative is to introduce a 'water-saving culture' in Europe building on the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe. The paper will focus on increasing water savings, emphasising agriculture, water supply infrastructures and buildings.
Climate change 12-10-2010

UK sees no need for EU deepwater drilling ban

There is no case for declaring a moratorium on deepwater oil or gas drilling in British waters, the UK government said yesterday (11 October), as the EU is expected to call for a temporary ban until probe is completed into the causes of BP's spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Climate change 24-06-2010

Brussels convenes safety talks on deep-sea oil drilling

In the aftermath of the BP oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger and Environment Commissioner Janez Poto?nik will meet representatives of oil and gas companies and national surveillance authorities on 14 July 2010.
Transport 23-06-2010

Romania has EU’s deadliest roads, study reveals

EU newcomers Romania and Malta are the only member states in which the number of deaths road traffic accidents in 2009 was greater than in 2001, a study published on 22 June reveals. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Technology 06-05-2008

Emergency services join fight for radio spectrum

Police, fire-fighters and hospitals have joined an EU-wide battle to secure chunks of radio frequencies - made available by the move towards the digital era - for their own services, in a move that contradicts the Commission's more market-driven and flexible approach.
Health 28-01-2008

Commission proposes strict limits on chemicals in toys

New toy safety measures proposed by the Commission primarily aimed at banning toxic chemicals have received a cautious welcome from European consumer organisations amid fears that they do not ensure adequate protection for children.
Public Affairs 07-11-2007

Toy safety campaign launched in time for Christmas

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Meglena Kuneva has launched a new toy safety campaign in her native Bulgaria ahead of the festive period.

EU Court makes workers’ safety subject to conditions

Member states' provisions with respect to health and safety at work can be limited to what is "reasonably practicable", the European Court of Justice said in a judgment on 14 June 2007. 
Technology 07-11-2006

Commission battles to protect children online

Report points to successes of “Safer Internet Action Plan” but concern levels still high.
Health 15-02-2006

No EU regulation on sunlight

The 'sunlight directive', on the EU's agenda for 13 years, has finally been adopted. However, regulation to protect workers from over-exposure to natural light will be left to member states.
Health 07-09-2005

EU regulation on sunlight refused by Parliament

The Parliament has, to the relief of many SMEs, rejected the proposal for an EU regulation to protect workers from sunburn. The dossier has now moved to the Council.
Transport 16-09-2004

EU to open up visible car parts market

The Commission has put forward plans to strip car makers of their exclusive right to sell spare parts such as bumpers, bonnets and headlights, as part of a drive to open up a ¬10bn market across Europe.
Competition 06-09-2004

EU plans to liberalise car spare parts market under heavy fire

The proposal to include a right to repair clause in the design copyright directive affecting visible car parts faces new delays amid stiff opposition from manufacturers and some commissioners.