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Freedom of thought 26-10-2017

Venezuelan opposition leader: ‘It is the freedom-fight of the 21st century’

Julio Borges, president of the Venezuelan parliament, is the only opposition leader who is not imprisoned among those shortlisted for this year’s edition of the Sakharov prize on freedom of thought. EURACTIV's partner EuroEFE reports.
Brexit 02-05-2016

Geoffrey Harris: A European career between two UK referendums

Geoffrey Harris, an old hand in the European Parliament, started his career just after the European Communities membership referendum, and will retire days before the Brexit referendum. In a wide-ranging interview, he tells of people and events that made EU history.
Europe's East 20-09-2012

Polish MEP: Belarus is a laboratory for dictatorship

Belarus is a laboratory of oppression and dictatorship on European territory, says MEP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, who nominated Belarussian opposition activist Ales Bialiatski for the European Parliament's Sakharov Prize.
Europe's East 24-05-2011

Milinkevich: EU ‘must change its procedures’ to help Belarusian dissidents

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is attempting to spread fear across the opposition movement by accusing it of the 11 April bomb attack in Minsk, says dissident figure and Sakharov Prize laureate Alexander Milinkevich. In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV Poland, Milinkevich urges the EU to ensure that its aid to the country reaches pro-democracy activists on the ground.