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French cabinet under fire over Roma expulsions

  Rights groups have accused France’s Socialist leaders of abandoning electoral promises by continuing the arbitrary expulsions of Eastern European Roma that were begun under former President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Agrifood 03-07-2012

GMO ban: Risks for science-based assessments

French President François Hollande will face judicial problems over the ban on the cultivation of genetically modified plants, and this has widespread implications for science-based risk assessment in the EU, argue Marcel Kuntz, John Davison and Agnès E. Ricroch.
EU Priorities 2020 04-05-2012

Europe faces 3 national elections on ‘Super Sunday’

On Sunday (6 May), the French will elect a new president, the Greeks will hold general elections, and EU hopeful Serbia will designate their new president, Parliament and local authorities. The stakes appear high not only for the individual countries concerned but also for Europe as a whole.

Unions protest austerity at May Day rallies

Hundreds of thousands of workers across southern Europe protested against spending cuts at May Day rallies yesterday (1 May), before weekend elections in Greece and France where voters are expected to punish leaders for austerity. 
Elections 30-04-2012

French campaign takes nasty turn

French President Nicolas Sarkozy dismissed a report that deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi sought to fund his 2007 campaign, saying it was a ploy by Socialist opponents to distract from the public reappearance of disgraced former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
Elections 23-04-2012

Far right looms over Hollande-Sarkozy duel

Far-right candidate Marline Le Pen scored the biggest surprise in the first round of France's presidential election, winning 18% of votes yesterday (22 April) in a showing that could tip the runoff between Socialist favourite François Hollande and conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Elections 20-04-2012

Paris and Berlin, after the French elections

The euro crisis brought Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Nicolas Sarkozy together. No matter who enters the Elysée Palace in May, Paris and Berlin will have to work much more closely on deciding Europe’s future, writes Judy Dempsey of Carnegie Europe.
Elections 16-04-2012

Sarkozy breaks ‘taboo’ by calling for ECB debate

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, facing the first round of elections this weekend, said in a campaign speech yesterday (15 April) that he wanted to open a debate on extending the mandate of the European Central Bank (ECB) to support economic growth.
Elections 29-03-2012

Delors points the finger at Europe’s ‘killers’

Jacques Delors, the former European Commission president widely seen as one of the 'fathers of Europe', said yesterday (28 March) that EU leaders were "killing Europe", replacing the community method by inter-governmental solutions and nationalism, with the complicity of the Union's institutions. 

French official wants wall at Greek-Turkish border

The top French official responsible for immigration said the EU should build a wall along the 130-kilometre Greek-Turkish border, comparing it to the one between the USA and Mexico.
Elections 12-03-2012

Sarkozy stokes nationalism on campaign trail

  French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the champion of European integration during his country's EU presidency in 2008, has appeared to turn a cold shoulder to Europe in campaign stump speeches laced with nationalism as he heads towards a first-round election in April.
Euro & Finance 07-02-2012

Merkozy duo plan Greek trusteeship

As Greek bailout talks reached a dramatic turn yesterday (6 February), French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested creating an escrow account to partially reimburse the country's creditors in case of default. EURACTIV France reports.  
Enlargement 01-02-2012

France backpedals on Armenian genocide

French lawmakers appealed to their country's highest court yesterday (31 January) to overturn a law that makes it illegal to deny that the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks nearly a century ago was genocide.
Euro & Finance 31-01-2012

25 EU countries sign up to German-led fiscal treaty

EU leaders agreed yesterday (30 January) a treaty on tighter fiscal rules to preserve the eurozone from new crises. But the Czech Republic said it would not sign it for now due to ratification difficulties, while French President Nicolas Sarkozy said his country is unlikely to ratify before the 6 May presidential election.  
Euro & Finance 30-01-2012

Socialists slam ’empty talk’ about growth, jobs

Socialist leaders warned conservative politicians meeting in Brussels for an EU summit today (30 January) about "empty talk" when claiming they support policies to boost jobs and growth. 
Enlargement 24-01-2012

Turkey threatens France with diplomatic war

France approved yesterday (23 January) a bill making it illegal to deny that the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks nearly a century ago was genocide, sparking angry retaliation from Turkey and threatening a "total rupture" of diplomatic ties.
Euro & Finance 24-01-2012

Analyst: Merkozy micromanages EU institutions

The latest document released by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy in preparation of the 30 January European summit is a sad example of micromanagement of the EU Commission and Council, a prominent Brussels-based political analyst told EURACTIV.
Sénat français
Armenia 05-01-2012

Turkey pressures France to stop Armenian genocide bill

As the French Senate rushes to consider a bill that would penalise denial of the massacre of over 1 million Armenians by the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is lobbying to stop the effort, warning of economic consequences.
Euro & Finance 04-11-2011

World leaders gather around Europe’s sickbed

With a Greek economic crisis matched only by its internal political turmoil, leaders from the world's 20 leading nations scrambled yesterday (3 November) in Cannes to insulate themselves from the next most European vulnerable economy, Italy.
Euro & Finance 03-11-2011

Papandreou hard-pressed over euro referendum

Greece will receive no bailout money until it decides whether it wants to stay in the eurozone or not, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy told embattled Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou last night (2 November).
Euro & Finance 28-10-2011

Sarkozy defends EU summit’s results at home

French President Nicolas Sarkozy outlined the results of the eurozone summit in a rare hour-long interview on French television last night (27 October). The President skillfully slalomed through difficult debates, such as China's emerging role and new austerity measures in the face of weaker than expected French growth. EURACTIV France reports.
Euro & Finance 21-10-2011

Paris and Berlin announce second EU summit

In addition to the EU and eurozone twin summits on Sunday (23 October), another summit will take place "at the latest on Wednesday", France and Germany said yesterday (20 October) after a tense day of hesitation and conflicting announcements.
Global Europe 22-09-2011

Sarkozy takes lead as Middle East peace broker

Riding on France's new status in the Arab world following the Libya War, French President Nicolas Sarkozy called yesterday (21 September) for an "intermediate stage" in the recognition of Palestine by the United Nations.

Erasmus could not fly today, says programme’s father

The Erasmus progamme, which allows thousands of students every year to study in other EU countries, could not be launched today, said the founder of the initiative, Domenico Lenarduzzi, in an interview with EURACTIV.