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Aerospace 22-07-2019

How the GSA rebooted the Galileo satellite system

Galileo, the global navigation satellite system that went live in 2016, malfunctioned for a whole week (11-19 July) as it suffered from a partial outage, caused by the European Space Agency changing the software. EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.
Agrifood 20-12-2018

EU project optimises drinking water quality using space technologies

The use of space technologies could play a crucial role in optimising potable water processing operations in order to achieve higher quality, according to the results of an EU-funded project.
Brexit 26-04-2018

Britain considers setting up satellite system to rival EU’s Galileo

Britain is considering setting up a satellite navigation system to rival the European Union's Galileo project amid a row over attempts to restrict Britain's access to sensitive security information after Brexit, the Financial Times reported.
Technology 14-02-2017

Satellite location boosts EU emergency services

The single European emergency number, 112, can now pinpoint the location of callers, thanks to technological advances funded by the European Union. Euractiv Spain reports.
Transport 10-02-2017

EU to bolster air traffic management to address looming crisis

The European Commission will unveil this year two key documents to improve the efficiency of the airborne routes to tackle the capacity crunch of European airports.
Transport 13-12-2016

Europe’s own satnav, Galileo, due to go live

Seventeen years and more than €10 billion later, Europe's Galileo satnav system is set to go live Thursday (15 December), promising to outperform US and Russian rivals while boosting regional self-reliance.

Europe’s answer to GPS three times over budget and 13 years late

Plagued by technical setbacks and delays, the European satellite navigation programmes, Galileo and EGNOS, will come in three times over budget at €13 billion, according to the French Court of Auditors. Our partner La Tribune reports.
Transport 19-01-2011

Galileo needs two billion euros extra

Europe's biggest space programme, Galileo, needs a further €1.9 billion euros to make the satellite navigation system operational, the European Commission said yesterday (18 January).
Competition 03-07-2008

Digital maps shake-up gets EU go-ahead

The European Commission yesterday (2 July) cleared Nokia's acquisition of US digital map maker Navteq in a move expected to reshape the growing market for satellite map databases, which are becoming a must-have gadget for cars and smartphones.
Competition 31-03-2008

Shake-up of digital maps market under EU scrutiny

The European Commission has decided to further investigate the potential negative effects on competition of two mergers that are meant to shake-up the market for navigable digital maps, an essential component of increasingly widespread navigation services.

Galileo funding to guarantee EU’s ‘strategic autonomy’

The Commission last week proposed funding Galileo entirely from the EU budget in order to guarantee strategic autonomy for Europe. The move comes just as the United States announced that a more accurate version of the Global Positioning System (GPS) will be made freely available for civilian activities.

EU and US agree on common satellite navigation signal

An interoperable GPS-Galileo signal will, once the EU's Galileo system becomes operational, provide for more accurate satellite navigation systems and boost commercial opportunities for the development of new products and services.

South Korea to join Galileo

The Commission has asked the member states to let it start negotiations on a co-operation agreement with Seoul over South Korea's participation in Galileo. 
Transport 13-12-2004

First Galileo satellites to be launched by end of 2005

EU transport ministers have agreed on the deployment and operational phases of the European Global Navigation Satellite System programmes.
Transport 11-10-2004

Galileo project is ready for deployment, says Commission

The Commission has adopted a communication concluding that the European satellite navigation project, Galileo, is ready to be moved to the deployment and operational phases. China has signed an agreement to fund and particpate in Galileo.
Agrifood 21-07-2004

EU uses space technologies to combat CAP subsidy fraud

State-of-the-art satellite systems will help implement CAP reforms by ensuring farmers are only claiming aid for genuine farmland. The new technology will soon be used in the entire EU-25.
Climate change 04-10-2002

Commission satellite project to help EU environmental policy making

A Commission satellite project detects fine particulate matter, now one of the biggest health threats, to help EU environmental policy making.
Technology 25-09-2002

Commission proposes definitions for negotiations on Galileo

The Commission on 24 September presented a Communication on the EU satellite system Galileo taking stock of developments and setting out the next steps to take.
Technology 19-03-2002

Private companies interested in developing Galileo satellite project

Leading European high-tech companies have urged European governments to adopt the Galileo satellite network, although they refused to say how much they would invest in the project.
Technology 11-03-2002

EU rejects US position on Galileo satellite project

The Commission stated that "it is up to the EU to decide how useful Galileo is", thereby rejecting a recent US media note on the issue.

Maritime safety and Galileo on Transport Council agenda

EU transport ministers will discuss new measures to improve shipping safety during their Council meeting on 27 June.