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Climate change 21-12-2007

Ministers press for quick progress on human biomonitoring

EU environment ministers have asked the Commission to press ahead with an EU pilot project that will test human blood for pollutants in support of environmental and health policy.
Climate change 24-04-2006

EU concludes on safety of chemical thought to cause child cancer

A risk assessment of three Phthalates confirmed the safety of the chemicals for PVC floorings and other uses. Last year, the EU banned the substance in toys amid fears that it increased rates of child cancer and asthma.
Climate change 15-03-2006

Parliament backs mercury ban

The European Parliament has backed a Commission strategy to control mercury pollution, calling for a ban on all exports by 2010.

EU research to look into chemical exposure of babies

A new 15 million euro research project has been launched to investigate exposure to chemicals in food and the environment and their connection with childhood cancer and immune disorders.

Biomonitoring in health & environment policy-making

Biomonitoring involves taking samples of blood, tissue, urine or hair to detect the presence of certain substances in the human body. The process is today used by environmental campaigners, lobbyists and the EU Commission as a tool to assess human exposure to pollution as part of health and environmental policy-making. However, the lack of scientific knowledge on the paths taken by the pollutants and their actual risk for human health is making biomonitoring a controversial issue.
Climate change 25-02-2005

Industry deplores MEP vote on environment and health plan

The Commission's environment and health action plan 2004-2010 has been rejected as insufficient by an overwhelming majority in Parliament. Although non-binding, the report is nonetheless creating waves.
Elections 30-10-2004

Dimas gears up green credentials for Parliament hearing

New Commissioner designate for the Environment, Stavros Dimas, will try to convince MEPs on 29 September that he is not the right-wing free-marketeer lawyer he has sometimes been portrayed as.

WHO adopts action plan to protect children’s health

Ministers from 52 European states, including Russia and neighbouring countries, have adopted an action plan to reduce the impact of the environment on health, in particular that of children.

One in three child deaths in Europe caused by environment, says WHO

A study by the WHO identified injuries including road traffic accidents, lead intoxication, air pollution and poor water quality supply as the biggest child killers in Europe.

Commission strives to reduce the negative health effects of pollution

The Commission has unveiled its 2004-2010 action plan to reduce illnesses linked to environmental pollution. European Greens have come out angrily against it, saying the Commission has bowed to pressure from industry.

Top scientists warn of chemical contamination, rising cancer rates

76 scientists, including Nobel Prize winners, have warned about rising cancer rates caused by chemical contamination and called on the EU to quickly adopt the new chemicals regime, REACH.
Climate change 27-10-2003

Health & Environment: Council wants inclusion of quantifiable objectives

On 27 October, Environment Ministers will adopt conclusions on the European strategy for health and environment. The strategy is designed to tackle the problem of illnesses linked to environmental factors.
Climate change 10-07-2003

First stakeholders’ meeting on European health and environment strategy

On 11 July, the Commission will host a first stakeholders' meeting to discuss the European health and environment strategy.