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Politics 22-06-2017

Activist denounces Schengen visa fraud

Andrei Sumar, a civil rights activist from Belarus is frustrated that the European Parliament Committee on Petitions disregards the many complaints of Belarussian nationals, who cite corruption in the issuing of Schengen visas by EU embassies in Minsk.
Kristalina Georgieva

Commission calls for closer cooperation between EU countries after Brussels terror attacks

“The Commission staffs are ready to contribute to the fight in Europe against what has become so frequently an enormous stress for our people,” said EU Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources Kristalina Georgieva.
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CEEP on the integration of refugees
Global Europe 16-03-2016

CEEP on the integration of refugees

CEEP expresses its position on the integration of refugees before the 2016 Spring Council, where EU economic and social partners will present a joint declaration on the refugee crisis to the Heads of States and Governments.
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Brexit 26-01-2015

Gibraltar wants to stay in EU even if UK pulls out

The Deputy Chief Minister of Gibraltar told EURACTIV that the small territory has established an independent mission in Brussels to represent its interests at a fraught moment in its history. The relationship with Spain -- which contests the sovereignty of the rock -- has worsened, with traffic queues now commonplace as a result of what Mr Garcia described as unjustified customs checks. But the UK's fractious relationship is also raising fears for Gibraltar's future were the UK to pull out of the EU. Were that to happen, he explained, the rock would seek to remain within the UK, and the EU. 
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Europe's East 28-04-2014

EU set to expand sanctions against Russia, grants visa-free travel to Moldova

EU ambassadors are meeting in Brussels on Monday to agree on further sanctions against Russia, as tensions continue to grow in Eastern Ukraine.