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Languages & Culture 12-10-2017

Bulgaria makes effort to bring Roma children back to school

Small armies of teachers, social workers and police officers are swarming across Bulgaria to carry out a Herculean task -- convince tens of thousands of Roma parents to send their children to school.
Languages & Culture 21-07-2010

Hungary’s 2020 education targets ‘unrealistic’

Hungary's national education targets under the EU's 'Europe 2020' strategy will be difficult for the country to meet. While the higher education aim may be achievable, its proposed early school leavers' goal is "not realistic," according to the Ministry of Education. EURACTIV Hungary reports from Budapest.
Economy & Jobs 04-07-2008

Commission proposes cooperation on schools

After repeated calls to modernise higher education, the Commission is now urging member states to cooperate on national school reform as part of the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs.

Commission seeks to modernise school education

After repeated calls to modernise European higher learning, in support of the Lisbon Strategy, the Commission is now seeking stakeholders' input on how to modernise school education.
Economy & Jobs 28-11-2003

Council adopts resolutions on human capital and social exclusion

Education Ministers adopted resolutions on the development of human capital and on the social exclusion of the young people during their Council meeting on 25 November.