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Economy & Jobs 23-11-2017

Multi-country research proves great impact of entrepreneurship education

The ICEE is a multi-country research project and large field trial on the impact of entrepreneurship education programmes, such as mini-companies in schools.

Commission wants fast internet in schools to fix digital illiteracy problem

The European Commission has been coaxing EU countries to improve technology education in an effort to cut unemployment and help companies as they rely more on internet-connected programmes and machines.
Climate change 13-09-2016

Lucie Sauvé: Schools avoid climate change for fear of being ‘controversial’

UNESCO has published its 2016 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) report, linking education and sustainable development. But Lucie Sauvé is "far from convinced" that this is the right approach to ending poverty and tackling climate change. EURACTIV’s partner Journal de l'Environnement reports.
Development Policy 25-04-2016

What can the EU do at the World Humanitarian Summit for children?

The World Humanitarian Summit takes places in Istanbul on 23-24 May. With the EU as one of the world's largest humanitarian donors, it can be a real 'game-changer', writes Marco Nardin.
Languages & Culture 26-03-2015

Study: Austerity undermines fundamental rights across the EU

Austerity policies in the EU have eroded the poorest citizens' access to education and healthcare. According to a European Parliament report, the situation is most dramatic in Greece. EURACTIV France reports.
Digital 17-10-2013

European schools need to prepare for the future

Recent studies reveal that European schools are not adequately preparing themselves for the future. A pan-European project, iTEC aims to help plug the gap, writes Roger Blamire.

Schools given new global comparison tool for reading, maths and science

Schools in Europe will be able to benchmark their students’ proficiency in reading, maths and science against the world’s top education systems using a new tool being administered by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Should teachers bring ICT into the classroom?

Education experts and lawmakers gathered this week in Brussels at the invitation of US software giant Microsoft to debate the role that information and communication technologies (ICT) should play in education.
Public Affairs 13-05-2009

European baccalaureate to be rolled out at national level

A secondary school in The Hague (Netherlands) will become the first national school to award the European baccalaureate from September 2010 under the reformed European school system.
Agrifood 08-07-2008

Commission to fund free fruit and veg for schools

As childhood obesity becomes increasingly common, the EU executive is proposing to allocate €90 million of Community funding per year to help member states finance the distribution of free fruit and vegetables in schools as of autumn 2009.
Economy & Jobs 04-07-2008

Commission proposes cooperation on schools

After repeated calls to modernise higher education, the Commission is now urging member states to cooperate on national school reform as part of the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs.
Sports 31-07-2007

UK puts sport back into schools

In the run-up to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced a £100 million campaign to enable all children to practice five hours of sport every week in the hope of sparking renewed passion for physical activity among young people.