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Development Policy 25-04-2016

What can the EU do at the World Humanitarian Summit for children?

The World Humanitarian Summit takes places in Istanbul on 23-24 May. With the EU as one of the world's largest humanitarian donors, it can be a real 'game-changer', writes Marco Nardin.
Digital 17-10-2013

European schools need to prepare for the future

Recent studies reveal that European schools are not adequately preparing themselves for the future. A pan-European project, iTEC aims to help plug the gap, writes Roger Blamire.
Health 26-03-2007

‘Schools need more nurses’

Research conducted by the Fabian Society, a UK-based left-of-centre think-tank, argues in favour of schools having their own nurse to help tackle child obesity, nutritional problems and teenage pregnancy.
Economy & Jobs 31-10-2003

Virtual Learning Environments, Open Standards and Open Source in European Schools

This paper illustrates the situation and trends regarding national development of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) within the European school sector.