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  • After independence day: The road ahead for an independent Scotland

    Brexit 17-09-2014

    Scotland is not the first sub-territorial entity to seek independence and will not be the last but this particular independence movement matters, writes Dr Michael J. Geary.

  • Scotland, Britain, the pound and the euro

    Brexit 04-05-2013

    With the rest of the United Kingdom's GDP ten times that of Scotland, the country's only route would be to join the euro if it wishes to be truly independent, writes Graham Bishop.

  • Regional independence: Opening Pandora’s box

    Future EU 24-09-2012

    It is too simplistic to propose that a region could simply remain in the European Union after seceding from its EU member state and that the ‘evaporation theory’ of Belgium's New Flemish Alliance cannot adequately grasp all the political and legal problems which such a scenario would entail, say Guillaume Van der Loo and Merijn Chamon.

  • The future of Europe debate – A Scottish perspective

    Future EU 08-06-2002

    The future of Europe debate - A Scottish perspective Last October, I set out the 5 fundamental principles on which the Scottish Executive’s approach to the Future of Europe debate is based. We believe passionately in a strong and prosperous European …