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Brexit 21-12-2020

Between Brexit and coronavirus, UK togetherness is fraying

The United Kingdom has endured in one form or another for hundreds of years but between Brexit and the coronavirus, the country is creaking and some suggest it may be on the verge of breaking up entirely.
Elections 15-10-2020

Support for Scottish independence at record high of 58%

Support for Scottish independence from the United Kingdom has risen to a record high of 58%, according to an Ipsos Mori poll released on Wednesday (14 October).
Brexit 03-09-2018

Brexit: The case for Scottish independence

Britain's exit from the EU could tempt Scots to vote to sever ties with the United Kingdom in a second independence referendum, an opinion poll showed on Sunday (2 September).
Brexit 15-01-2018

Sturgeon sees ‘golden’ chance to argue for UK to remain in single market

Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon said on Sunday (14 January) there was a "golden opportunity" to argue for Britain to remain in the European single market after Brexit, as no-one had yet demonstrated the benefit of loosening trade ties with the EU.
Brexit 26-09-2017

‘We are Catalans’: Scots voice referendum solidarity

Sympathy with Catalonia's bid to hold an independence referendum next week is running high in Scotland, where lawmakers are increasingly vocal in condemning Spain's actions and a group of volunteers is heading out to help.
Brexit 15-03-2017

Poll: Euroscepticism in Scotland at record level

Support for Scottish independence is at its highest ever but it might not be the best time for Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to hold a new referendum, a survey by ScotCen's Scottish Social Attitudes said on Wednesday (15 March).
Brexit 13-03-2017

Scotland seeks second referendum amid Brexit doubts

The Scottish government announced today (13 March) a new independence vote, pre-empting this week's expected start of the Brexit process. Nicola Sturgeon will seek the power to call a new referendum on whether Scotland should follow the UK out of the EU or form its own country.
Brexit 03-03-2017

Scottish nationalists treat politics like a game, says May

The Scottish National Party is treating politics as a game and obsessing over independence rather than focusing on improving public services in Scotland, UK Prime Minister Theresa May will say today (3 March).
Brexit 08-02-2017

Scottish independence now neck-and-neck, new post-Brexit poll shows

Support for Scottish independence in the wake of the Brexit referendum is now effectively neck-and-neck, according to a new poll released Wednesday (8 February).
Brexit 02-01-2017

Nearly two-thirds of Scots don’t want independence referendum in 2017

Nearly two-thirds of Scottish voters do not want a referendum on independence this year, according to a new poll, despite the shockwaves caused by the UK’s vote to leave the EU.
Brexit 19-09-2014

EU and NATO breathes sigh of relief after Scotland ‘No’ vote

European Union and NATO officials expressed undisguised relief on Friday (19 September) at Scotland's clear vote against independence from Britain, but some fretted that the genie of separatism may be out of the bottle in Europe.
Brexit 18-09-2014

EU holds its breath as Scots go to polls

The EU has largely kept a diplomatic silence in the weeks before today’s Scotland's independence referendum, but the implications of a “yes” vote are broadly seen in Brussels as the last thing the Union needs in its present difficult circumstances.
A man wearing and a kilt and holding bag pipes. [PublicDomainArchive/Pixabay].
Brexit 15-09-2014

EU legal fog lets Scots bank on politics to keep them in

If Scots vote for independence, it will be in part because they believe assurances that their small Atlantic peninsula can quit the United Kingdom without ever leaving the secure embrace of the European Union.
Brexit 15-09-2014

MEPs could block Scotland’s EU membership if it pushes for euro opt-out

EXCLUSIVE: Members of the European Parliament could block an independent Scotland’s EU membership if it insists on keeping currency and border treaty opt-outs negotiated by the UK, sources in the two largest political groups in Brussels told EURACTIV.
David Cameron speaks during a visit to Edinburgh, 10 September [Reuters]
Brexit 11-09-2014

Cameron begs Scots not to leave ‘UK family’

British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday (10 September) begged Scots not to rip apart the United Kingdom's "family of nations", flying to Scotland to man the barricades against a surge in support for independence eight days before a referendum.
Brexit 20-06-2014

Brexit could cost UK its UN Security Council seat, warns leading Tory

The British Conservative candidate for European Parliament President has warned that leaving the European Union could cost the United Kingdom its seat on the United Nations Security Council.
Alistair Carmichael
Elections 21-05-2014

UK to promise Scots more powers

The British government will start talks on granting Scotland more powers within a month of an independence referendum later this year if Scots choose to stay part of the United Kingdom, a government minister will pledge tomorrow (22 May).
Elections 29-04-2014

Salmond: Scotland would be a better EU member than the UK

An independent Scotland would be a more constructive member of the European Union than a reluctant Britain, Scottish first minister Alex Salmond said Monday (28 April).
Brexit 17-02-2014

Barroso: It’s ‘nearly impossible’ for independent Scotland to join EU

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso said states breaking away from existing EU countries would struggle to gain EU membership, further complicating Scottish nationalists' already uncertain plans for independence.
Languages & Culture 07-02-2014

UK says independent Scotland would lose the pound

Scotland would not be able to use the pound as its currency if it voted to break from the United Kingdom later this year, the British minister for Scotland said yesterday (6 February), issuing the government's strongest warning on the subject yet.
Elections 26-11-2013

Independent Scotland to keep pound, queen: Salmond

An independent Scotland would keep the British pound, the queen and remain in the European Union but have its own defence force and collect its own taxes, First Minister Alex Salmond said today (26 November).
Brexit 06-09-2013

‘Don’t knows’ may swing the 2014 Scottish independence vote

A year before Scotland's referendum on independence, there are enough voters who are "don't knows" to swing the vote and only one in four are certain to vote for separating from Britain, according to an opinion poll.
Brexit 24-04-2013

Scottish accuse Cameron of ‘rank hypocrisy’ on euro

Scotland and England came to blows yesterday (23 April) over what currency an independent Scottish state would use, reigniting the debate over a Scottish independence referendum next year.
Brexit 11-02-2013

Cameron warns restive Scots they could lose EU membership

The British government on Monday (11 February) intensified its campaign to stop Scotland leaving the United Kingdom, publishing a legal opinion suggesting it would forfeit its membership in the European Union, NATO and United Nations if it chose independence.