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Brexit 11-09-2017

Transport disruptions loom as UK, EU face Brexit ‘cliff edge’

Unless Brexit negotiators reach a transitional deal by September next year, both the UK and the EU face a "cliff edge" scenario with serious disruptions in air, railway and maritime traffic, industry sources have told EURACTIV.com.
Transport 11-10-2007

EU unveils plans to develop maritime sector

Shifting freight traffic to short-sea shipping, promoting innovation and raising the quality of jobs in the maritime sector are at the heart of the EU's new integrated maritime policy. The Communication also aims to cut rising CO2 emissions from maritime activities and tackle environmental damage to oceans.
Climate change 26-10-2005

EU sea protection strategy fails to impress

The Commission proposes EU nations draw up national programmes to keep European seas clean, safe from oil spills and healthy. Environmental groups say the strategy is "inadequate" and call for binding EU measures.
Climate change 19-12-2003

Austria says Ecopoints deal is not worth being implemented

MEPs have formally approved the conciliation deal extending the Austrian 'ecopoints' system to the year 2006 (with modifications), but Austria says it might not implement it.
Climate change 28-11-2003

Ecopoints deal is “ecological bankruptcy”, says Austrian Minister

On 25 November - the last day of the Conciliation procedure - the Council and the Parliament finally managed to agree on a deal extending the Austrian 'ecopoints' system to the year 2006.
Transport 04-07-2003

Marco Polo Programme: EP agrees totally with Council’s common position

On 3 July, MEPs agreed to accept without amendments the Council's common position on the Marco Polo Programme which promotes transport intermodality. The thresholds for funding projects to reduce pressure on the European road networks are reduced in order to allow funding for smaller innovative projects.
Transport 13-02-2003

Parliament rejects Council’s ecopoints deal

On 12 February 2003, the European Parliament rejected the Transport Council's agreement on the extension of the ecopoints system for heavy lorry transit through Austria. It proposed a less restrictive system to be applied only to three Alpine passes, not to Austria as a whole.
Transport 11-02-2003

Parliament to collide with Council over ecopoints?

On 11 February, the European Parliament is expected to adopt a report questioning the Transport Council's deal on a transitional system for heavy lorry transit through Austria during 2004-2006. According to the Parliament's Transport Committee, transit restrictions should apply only to three environmentally sensitive Alpine regions, and they should promote environmentally-friendly lorries while phasing out older ones.
Transport 11-12-2002

Austria steps up pressure for extended ecopoint system

Ahead of the Copenhagen Summit, Austrian Transport Minister Mathias Reichhold has announced his country would continue to link a satisfactory solution of the question of heavy truck transit through the Austrian Alps to the issue of enlargement.
Transport 11-12-2002

Council sets financial framework for Marco Polo programme

On 6 December, the Transport Council reached a political agreement on the Marco Polo programme, a financing instrument aimed at encouraging the modal shift in freight transport.