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Transport 10-09-2019

EU eyes end of energy tax waivers for air and sea transport sectors

The European Union is studying a reform of energy taxes to align them with climate targets, an EU document showed, listing as possible measures higher minimum tax rates, fossil fuel levies and the end of waivers for the air and sea transport sectors.

Silence please! Marine mammals are dying

Shipping, oil and gas exploration, military sonar, and underwater construction are all creating an enormous amount of noise that reduce the ability of whales, dolphins, and other marine wildlife to feed, breed, communicate and ultimately, survive, writes Eleonora Panella.
Brexit 23-01-2019

P&O to change flag of UK ships to Cyprus ahead of Brexit

British ferry and shipping freight operator P&O will shift the registration of its UK vessels to Cyprus ahead of Britain’s departure from the European Union, in part to keep its tax arrangements in the bloc, the company said on Tuesday...
Transport 06-03-2015

French MEP: Shipping is transport for the future

Europe is a global leader in maritime transport, a sector which emits 15 times less CO2 than road haulage. Yet, the European Union has so far failed to develop so-called "motorways of the sea", Dominique Riquet told EURACTIV France
Transport 27-11-2014

EU agrees on law to make ships measure CO2 emissions

For the first time, the shipping sector will have to monitor its carbon emissions under a law agreed upon by the European Union Wednesday (26 November), intended as a step towards tackling a growing source of pollutants linked to climate change.
Climate change 07-09-2011

No need for Europe to go it alone on shipping emissions

At the UN climate summit in Durban later this year, the EU has a chance to broker a fair global deal to reduce emissions from international shipping, argues Oxfam's Tim Gore.
Climate change 07-09-2011

No need for Europe to go it alone on shipping emissions

At the UN climate summit in Durban later this year, the EU has a chance to broker a fair global deal to reduce emissions from international shipping, argues Oxfam's Tim Gore.
Transport 20-07-2009

UN shipping body agrees to CO2-cutting proposals

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the United Nations shipping agency, on Friday (17 July) agreed to voluntary proposals aimed at cutting carbon emissions, but environmental groups said it fell short of what was needed.
Transport 19-05-2009

Report paves way for shipping’s inclusion in climate deal

Shipping could cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least a fifth while reaping considerable economic gains, finds a new report from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and seen by EURACTIV, prompting arguments that the sector should be part of a new global climate accord.
Climate change 06-05-2009

EU votes to criminalise pollution at sea

The European Parliament yesterday (5 May) adopted a new directive that forces EU countries to introduce criminal penalties for maritime pollution, whether caused deliberately or by negligence.
Transport 25-09-2008

Parliament deplores national resistance to sea-safety rules

A package of legislative measures aimed at protecting Europe from maritime accidents and pollution looks likely to face a special 'last chance' conciliation procedure as the European Parliament yesterday (24 September) refused to give in to national governments' attempts to water down the new rules.

MEPs want clarity on rules for big emitters

MEPs in the Parliament's Industry Committee have called for the EU's emissions trading regime to be tightened, bringing an end to free emissions allowances by 2020. But questions remain about the treatment of select industries exposed to 'carbon leakage' concerns.
Transport 05-09-2008

MEPs slam member states’ inaction on sea safety

The European Parliament is heading for a clash with member states after it pushed through new rules on flag-state compliance and the civil liability of shipowners, despite opposition from governments.
Transport 07-04-2008

Cracks appear in EU maritime safety strategy

While international efforts to clean up shipping made significant progress last week with a compromise on cutting air pollution from ships, a meeting of European transport ministers today (7 April) could see EU ambitions to tackle maritime pollution scaled down.
Transport 13-02-2008

UN says shipping emissions ‘grossly underestimated’

Carbon dioxide emissions from shipping – one of the few sectors still not covered by EU climate change measures – are likely to be three times worse than currently thought, according to a leaked report by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
Transport 11-10-2007

EU unveils plans to develop maritime sector

Shifting freight traffic to short-sea shipping, promoting innovation and raising the quality of jobs in the maritime sector are at the heart of the EU's new integrated maritime policy. The Communication also aims to cut rising CO2 emissions from maritime activities and tackle environmental damage to oceans.
Transport 05-06-2007

Maximum fines requested in Erika oil-slick trial

Prosecutors have requested maximum fines for French oil company Total and imprisonment for the manager and the owner of the Erika tanker, for their role in the sinking of the Erika ship, which caused a major oil spill, devastating the French coast in 1999.
Transport 26-04-2007

MEPs stand firm on stricter ship-safety rules

Parliament has approved measures to increase safety at sea in hope of averting similar disasters to those caused by the sinking of the Erika and Prestige oil tankers. Member states now want more flexibility for ship inspections and dealing with vessels in distress.
Transport 25-04-2007

MEPs set to back tough ship-safety rules

A vote in Parliament on rules aimed at beefing up maritime safety in European waters is expected to see MEPs take a firm stance against member states on issues such as ship inspections and assistance for vessels in distress.
Transport 18-04-2007

EU plans shipping emissions cap

The Commission has said that it will draft legislation, by the end of the year, aimed at tackling the shipping industry's rapidly growing contribution to climate change, by including the sector in Europe's carbon dioxide cap-and-trade system.
Transport 01-03-2007

MEPs call for safer shipping rules

The European Parliament's transport committee voted to strengthen rules aimed at preventing and controlling the effects of accidents at sea and ship pollution, two weeks after the opening of the 'Erika' trial in Paris.
Transport 14-07-2006

Commission looks to boost short-sea-shipping

Short-Sea-Shipping remains a key area for dealing with Europe’s traffic congestion and environmental problems. 

New integrated maritime policy to bring jobs and protect environment

Protecting Europe's maritime ecosystems while at the same time creating new economic growth and jobs are the ambitious goals of the Commission's Maritime Green Paper presented on 7 June.
Competition 19-01-2006

Parliament rejects port services directive

The Parliament has resoundingly rejected the Commission's proposal to open port services to more competition, calling instead for a a directive on transparency and fair conditions of competition between ports.