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Climate change 06-05-2009

EU votes to criminalise pollution at sea

The European Parliament yesterday (5 May) adopted a new directive that forces EU countries to introduce criminal penalties for maritime pollution, whether caused deliberately or by negligence.
Climate change 28-08-2008

WWF slams EU countries for poor care of Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea ecosystem could collapse unless states bordering it find common ground on ways to decrease maritime pollution, according to a new report from WWF, which accuses governments of failing to take responsibility for working to improve the situation.
Med & South 22-01-2008

Scientists warn of rising Mediterranean Sea level

If current trends continue, the Mediterranean Sea level could rise by up to half a metre in the next 50 years, with catastrophic consequences for coastal areas, Spanish scientists have warned.

Climate change pushes the boundaries of security

Climate change is likely to cause complex legal, foreign policy and security issues, claims Cleo Paskal in a paper for Chatham House published in June 2007. Adapting international law is only addressing part of the problem, he believes.
Energy 01-02-2007

The power of the oceans

This article, published by Leonardo Energy, examines the potential contribution that the power of the oceans can add to the energy mix in the next 20 years.
Climate change 19-12-2006

Ministers make first move to keep EU seas and oceans clean

The Council agreed on a draft directive that aims to ensure European seas and oceans are kept pollution-free and productive. But environmentalists attack what they perceive as the directive's "weak objectives" and lack of serious commitment.
Transport 06-09-2006

Parliament approves extra funds for cleaning-up oil slicks

MEPs have adopted a first-reading report in which they back granting €154 million to its Agency responsible for maritime safety (EMSA) in order to better respond to pollution caused by ships.  
Climate change 26-10-2005

EU sea protection strategy fails to impress

The Commission proposes EU nations draw up national programmes to keep European seas clean, safe from oil spills and healthy. Environmental groups say the strategy is "inadequate" and call for binding EU measures.
Transport 16-03-2005

MEPs call for stricter limits to ship fuel pollution

The Parliaments' Environment Committee has voted in favour of tighter limits to sulphur dioxide emissions of fuels used in large ships, which are blamed for acidification of coastal areas.

EU to chart comprehensive sea and coastland policy

The Commission is launching consultations for an all-encompassing approach to maritime and coastland policy aimed at developing sustainable economic activity. Sectors concerned include fisheries, tourism, energy and transport.
Transport 10-12-2004

EU steps up maritime safety in bid to prevent sea pollution

Member states have agreed to international maritime safety rules to protect EU shores from oil spills. Recognition of sailors' qualifications is also to be made easier to cut down on red tape and favour mobility.