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Circular economy 01-12-2017

Greenland gets EU’s support for Inuit seal products

Seal hunting has been associated with images of animal cruelty, Brigitte Bardot hugging a seal pup, and environmental groups asking for it to be banned, which the EU eventually did. The outcome has been disastrous for indigenous people, who traditionally live off the sea,  but Greenland is now fighting to turn things around.
Enlargement 15-06-2016

As UK moves to leave EU, Greenland might come knocking

Three decades after Greenland exited what is now the EU, some of its politicians and business leaders say the vast Arctic territory should consider rejoining because of its slowness to diversify the economy away from fish.
Trade & Society 09-09-2015

Europe strengthens ban on seal products after WTO challenge

MEPs voted to tighten a ban on seal products on Tuesday (8 September), in a move that campaigners say will protect millions of seals from commercial slaughter. The vote in Strasbourg brings an existing EU embargo into line with WTO rules. The Guardian reports.
Trade & Society 26-11-2013

Canada, Norway fail to overturn EU ban on seal furs

Canada and Norway failed to overturn a European Union ban on their seal products on Monday  (25 November) when the World Trade Organization ruled the bloc had a right to outlaw imports of the furs on moral grounds.

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