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Global Europe 11-02-2016

EU, US strike deal to avoid disrupting derivatives market

The European Union and the United States agreed yesterday (10 February) to accept each other's derivatives rules in a long-awaited step to avoid splitting the $550 trillion market.
Brexit 08-03-2012

Barnier proposes EU-wide securities settlement overhaul

The European Commission has proposed a thorough shake-up of cross-border securities settlement yesterday (7 March), including cutting settlement timeframes and establishing a common regulatory framework for the region's central securities depositories.
Euro & Finance 23-06-2011

Rehn bids to woo MEPs with Eurobonds plan

EU Economics Commission Olli Rehn announced yesterday (22 June) in the European Parliament that Brussels was planning to present a report on Eurobonds which could be accompanied "by legislative proposals" on common eurozone securities. The move is seen as a tactical step to win the Parliament's support for other economic governance dossiers.
Euro & Finance 18-02-2009

France joins EU bonds plea

A top advisor to the French government yesterday (17 February) recommended that European countries issue joint government bonds to offer a credible alternative to the American securities market which, despite the US-born financial storm, is still attracting most foreign capital as world investors seek protection from the turmoil.
Euro & Finance 20-01-2009

Commission predicts deeper downturn in 2009

The European Commission has revised its economic forecast for 2009, predicting long-lasting recession in Europe. Meanwhile, amid deteriorating public finances and growing financing difficulties for national recovery plans, the Commission has also put the idea of issuing common EU bonds back on the agenda.
Euro & Finance 10-12-2008

Interview: Parliament to propose plan on EU bonds

MEPs are working on a common resolution to push the European Council and European Commission to adopt EU bonds as an alternative financial resource to fund key European projects, Joseph Daul, head of the centre-right EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Euro & Finance 19-11-2008

EU bonds spark debate as recession hits

As Europe mulls measures to tackle the worst economic crisis to hit the continent since 1929, the idea of issuing EU bonds to fund key projects and ultimately create new jobs is gathering momentum and spurring debate.
Euro & Finance 26-09-2008

Calls for ‘Eurobond’ resurface as crisis threatens EU finances

With investors increasingly risk-averse due to the financial crisis, the idea of a European bond to finance large infrastructure projects of common European interest is coming back in Brussels circles and some national capitals.
Brexit 14-09-2005

McCreevy wants costs of crossborder securities trading cut

Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has given the Financial Services Industry six months (until mid-March 2006) to cut the costs of trading securities between EU countries.
Euro & Finance 12-07-2005

Parliament advises on procedures for share transactions

The Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee has adopted a report setting out measures for the improvement of clearing and settlement in the EU.
Euro & Finance 03-02-2005

No clarity on clearing and settlement

Commissioner McCreevy has indicated that his mind is still open on whether or not there should be legislation on clearing and settlement in the EU.