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Global Europe 12-04-2016

Eastern Europe braces for the top UN job

Today (12 April) in New York the hearings of the eight candidates for the position of the next UN Secretary-General will begin. Seven of them are from Europe, and six from the Eastern part of the continent, a region which has never produced a UN Secretary-General thus far.
Global Europe 09-04-2012

Imminent UN reform will force European re-think

Reform of the United Nations is “around the corner” and will force Europe to accept less influence on the Security Council there – senior diplomats within the institution have told EURACTIV.
Global Europe 08-06-2011

GA chief: Negotiations to reform UN Security Council must start now

Enough talking: for the sake of credibility, countries have to start real negotiations to reform the United Nations Security Council, said Joseph Deiss, president of the UN General Assembly, in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.
Global Europe 08-06-2011

Time to reform UN Security Council, says GA chief

If the United Nations is to retain its credibility, countries must stop talking and start hard negotiations on reforming the Security Council to reflect new political realities, said Joseph Deiss, president of the UN General Assembly, in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.