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Energy 14-05-2018

Gas market liberalisation: An unsung EU success story?

The liberalisation of European gas markets is widely recognised as a major success by industry analysts. But EU politicians are reluctant to celebrate it because liberalisation on its own has failed to deliver on another key objective – supply diversification. Ironically, Europe is now more dependent on Russian gas than ever.
Energy 08-12-2016

EU nations agree to let European Commission vet gas, oil deals

EU nations agreed yesterday (7 December) to allow the European Commission to vet their oil and gas deals with third countries like Russia to guard against anti-competitive practices and supply disruptions.
Energy 06-12-2016

EU countries near compromise on countering Russian gas supply risks

EU nations are edging toward a compromise on a proposal to guard against gas supply disruptions, agreeing to share details on contracts and cooperate across borders, the Slovak presidency said yesterday (5 December).
Operator in natural gas production industry.
Energy 06-06-2016

Member states challenge regional gas ‘solidarity’ plan

A European Commission proposal obliging EU countries to re-route gas supplies to neighbouring member states in case of severe shortages is being challenged for its excessive “rigidity” ahead of ministerial talks Monday (6 June).
Energy 20-04-2016

Sefcovic sheds light on Nord Stream 2 negotiations

Speaking to a group of journalists yesterday (19 April), Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič, in charge of the Energy Union, shed light on the ongoing negotiations to reconcile the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project with EU legislation.
Energy 16-02-2016

EU unveils plans to vet energy contracts outside bloc

The EU unveiled plans on Tuesday (16 February) to vet energy contracts that member states sign with countries outside the bloc as it seeks to cut dependence on Russian gas.
Maroš Šef?ovi? will chair the trilaterals [European Parliament]
Energy 21-10-2014

Sefcovic tells MEPs he has a vision for EU’s Energy Union

Maroš Šef?ovi?, the Slovak Commissioner-designate for the EU’s Energy Union, successfully defended his credentials for the post yesterday (20 October) in front of two parliamentary committees. EURACTIV Slovakia reports.
Central Europe 17-10-2014

‘Stress test’ measures EU’s ability to survive without Russian gas

Ahead of the 23-24 October EU summit, on Thursday (16 October), the Commission presented a first-ever analysis of the consequences of a disruption of Russian gas supplies, or even a complete halt of such imports to the Union, and neighbouring states. The result, which was not difficult to predict, is that some countries would be much more affected than others.
Angela Merkel. Petro Poroshenko, Vladimir Putin at Normandy
Energy 15-10-2014

In Milan, Putin and Poroshenko to discuss peace, gas

A long-running dispute over natural gas supplies will be on the agenda when Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko hold talks in Italy later this week, the Kremlin said.
Climate change 13-10-2014

Regions, cities demand more ambitious climate goals

On Thursday, (9 October), members of the Committee of Regions and Covenant of Mayors urged the EU Commission to purse bolder, binding 2030 climate targets, and highlighted the role of greater cooperation at the local level, in order to insure greater security of supply, especially in Eastern Europe.
Energy 07-12-2012

Grids alliance aims to counter renewables ‘NIMBY syndrome’

EU energy ministers have teamed up with electricity grid operators and environmental groups to counter the NIMBY syndrome on new renewable energy infrastructure builds.
Energy 22-09-2010

Parliament approves rules to secure gas supply

The European Parliament yesterday (21 September) endorsed a new regulation to prop up Europe's preparedness to deal with gas supply crises.
Energy 14-07-2010

Europe steps up response to gas supply crises

EU lawmakers agreed to speed up construction of new gas storage and interconnection facilities on Tuesday (13 July) in response to supply crises like those caused by the Russia-Ukraine gas dispute in 2008 and 2009.
Energy 28-06-2010

EU agrees rules to secure gas supply

EU member state representatives approved on Friday (25 June) a compromise reached between the EU institutions on a new regulation to safeguard security of gas supplies.
Med & South 05-01-2010

Russian oil flowing to EU despite Belarus dispute

Russia said it had resumed flows of crude to refineries in Belarus but it did not clinch a deal to resolve a tense price dispute with Minsk, which had raised fears that oil supplies to European Union countries might be blocked. The Russian press reported that Minsk is threatening to cut electricity supply to the Kalingrad enlave.
Energy 27-11-2009

EU warned on gas investment incentives

EU legislation on gas supply security has yet to set the right market obligations to ensure new infrastructure is built where it is needed, Jacques Laurelut, president of Gas Transmission Europe (GTE), told EURACTIV in an interview.
Energy 21-10-2009

Renewed gas crisis ‘likely’, says regulator

The likelihood of renewed gas supply disruptions in Europe this winter has serious implications for the image of gas in the long run, Walter Boltz, chair of Austrian energy regulator E-Control, told EURACTIV in an interview.

MEPs call for beefed-up energy security policy

MEPs yesterday (16 September) urged the European Commission to beef up the early-warning mechanisms that failed during the gas supply crisis in January.
Energy 20-10-2008

Revised EU energy strategy to focus on supply security

Even if the EU is successful in building a low-carbon economy with a strong portfolio of renewables, dependence on energy imports will remain high and requires "management", according to a draft of the European Commission's second strategic energy review seen by EURACTIV. 
Energy 19-09-2008

Gas prices to remain high, investment needed, says IEA

Soaring demand, high oil prices and a "delayed supply response" from exporting countries have driven up natural gas prices in the past 18 months, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), which warns that the situation is unlikely to improve in the short term.
Med & South 04-07-2008

Business and Commission in plea for Nabucco pipeline

Top officials at the Commission and one of Central Europe's largest oil and gas groups yesterday (2 July) called for progress to be made on the Nabucco project, which aims to reduce Europe's dependency on Russian gas supplies. But they warned that its realisation would depend on "foreign policy scenarios".
Energy 30-01-2008

Gazprom looms large on EU’s gas supply horizon

Russian energy giant Gazprom has secured further pipeline deals with individual EU member states and announced its ambition to move into the UK market this week, casting further doubts over the EU's ambition to "speak with one voice" on external energy matters.
Med & South 11-10-2007

Ukraine-Gazprom crisis averted, for now

Ukraine has agreed to settle a debt of $2 billion owed to Gazprom, calming EU fears about a possible repeat of the January 2006 gas supply crisis caused by a payment dispute between the Ukraine and the Russian energy giant.
Energy 04-04-2007

Black Sea oil pipeline to start flowing by 2012

Five southern European countries and the Commission signed a declaration on 3 April 2007 to build a pipeline to bring oil from the Black Sea to central European markets by 2012, in a move aimed at reducing the EU's energy dependence.