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Europe needs a strategy for seasonal energy balancing

As the role of gas in the energy system evolves, the approach to meeting winter peak demand must also keep up, writes Nikos Tsafos. More fundamentally, someone needs to be responsible for supply security, he argues.
Energy 08-02-2018

‘Projects of Common Interest’, or waste of public resources?

Many of the existing 'Projects of Common Interest' in the gas sector struggle to make economic sense and might end up as stranded assets. This waste of public resources must stop, writes Danila Bochkarev.
Energy 01-12-2016

Backdoor for coal subsidies remains half open under new EU rules

While it may seem like a gesture to coal-dependent countries such as Poland, the Winter Package of EU energy market rules, presented yesterday (30 November), will make using coal subsidies more difficult, writes Izabela Zygmunt.

EU energy policy: Towards a third industrial revolution

"Within a single generation, we can give Europe a truly sustainable energy system," writes EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs in a February paper for the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies.
Health 29-05-2008

Reflecting on the food crisis

Fear has spread across the globe and people are beginning to act on impulse to tackle issues such as the food crisis, so it is time to start using our heads, argues Norbert Walter in a 16 May commentary for Deutsche Bank Research.

The European Union’s quest for a common energy foreign policy

The latest issue of the German journal Foreign Policy in Dialogue focuses on Europe's efforts to form a common energy foreign policy from the perspectives of Germany, Poland, France and Lithuania.
Energy 01-06-2004

Investments in Gas Pipelines and Liquefied Natural Gas Infrastructure

This paper addresses the question of the infrastructure investment required for gas pipeline and liquefied natural gas (LNG) connections to meet growing gas demand in an enlarged EU over the next 20 years.
Energy 01-06-2004

Security of Supply for Natural Gas Markets – What is it and what is it not?

This paper challenges the widely held view that a higher degree of dependence on natural gas imports from third countries weakens the EU's security of supply situation.
Energy 01-06-2004

Market-based Options for Security of Energy Supply

This paper summarises the main findings of the INDES project, which has set out to reducing complexity and making security of supply operational by taking an approach that is both compatible with the market and cost-effective.