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  • EU energy policy: Towards a third industrial revolution

    Opinion | Science & Policymaking 17-03-2009

    "Within a single generation, we can give Europe a truly sustainable energy system," writes EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs in a February paper for the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies.

  • Revised EU energy strategy to focus on supply security

    News | Energy 20-10-2008

    Even if the EU is successful in building a low-carbon economy with a strong portfolio of renewables, dependence on energy imports will remain high and requires "management", according to a draft of the European Commission's second strategic energy review seen by EURACTIV. 

  • Gas prices to remain high, investment needed, says IEA

    News | Energy 19-09-2008

    Soaring demand, high oil prices and a "delayed supply response" from exporting countries have driven up natural gas prices in the past 18 months, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), which warns that the situation is unlikely to improve in the short term.

  • Business and Commission in plea for Nabucco pipeline

    News | Med & South 04-07-2008

    Top officials at the Commission and one of Central Europe's largest oil and gas groups yesterday (2 July) called for progress to be made on the Nabucco project, which aims to reduce Europe's dependency on Russian gas supplies. But they warned that its realisation would depend on "foreign policy scenarios".

  • Reflecting on the food crisis

    Opinion | Health 29-05-2008

    Fear has spread across the globe and people are beginning to act on impulse to tackle issues such as the food crisis, so it is time to start using our heads, argues Norbert Walter in a 16 May commentary for Deutsche Bank Research.

  • Gazprom looms large on EU’s gas supply horizon

    News | Energy 30-01-2008

    Russian energy giant Gazprom has secured further pipeline deals with individual EU member states and announced its ambition to move into the UK market this week, casting further doubts over the EU's ambition to "speak with one voice" on external energy matters.

  • Ukraine-Gazprom crisis averted, for now

    News | Med & South 11-10-2007

    Ukraine has agreed to settle a debt of $2 billion owed to Gazprom, calming EU fears about a possible repeat of the January 2006 gas supply crisis caused by a payment dispute between the Ukraine and the Russian energy giant.

  • Black Sea oil pipeline to start flowing by 2012

    News | Energy 04-04-2007

    Five southern European countries and the Commission signed a declaration on 3 April 2007 to build a pipeline to bring oil from the Black Sea to central European markets by 2012, in a move aimed at reducing the EU's energy dependence.

  • Business: ‘Climate action useless without global support’

    News | Development Policy 19-03-2007

    EU leaders have agreed to cut emissions of greenhouse gases by up to 30% within 13 years but the real battle will be in convincing the world's other big polluters to follow suit, according to business leaders.

  • Washington feels heat of climate change

    News | Development Policy 14-02-2007

    As lawmakers of more than 20 countries meet in Washington to discuss climate change and energy security, the US Congress is abuzz with legislative proposals to reduce American greenhouse-gas emissions.

  • German energy giant blamed for power failure

    News | Energy 31-01-2007

    The power failure of 4 November 2006 that affected more than 15 million households in various parts of Europe was the result of a lack of security measures within the network administered by E.ON, a report finds. 

  • Bush’s State of the Union: no energy U-turn

    News | Energy 25-01-2007

    Contrary to expectations, US President George W. Bush's energy and climate-change policy will not drastically alter. His promise to reduce US petrol consumption by 20% in ten years hinges on major technological breakthroughs.