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Commission pushes vote on acrylamide safety into 2017

A vote on the European Commission’s draft regulation on acrylamide, a contaminant formed in foods when cooked at high temperatures, will take place next year, an EU spokesperson told EURACTIV.com.

Industry rep: ‘Media companies would rather be left alone’

Media executives and policymakers meet on Tuesday (21 January) at the Future Media Lab conference in Brussels. Industry representatives and innovators will exchange thoughts with EU policymakers on how to reinvent the media business model, even if, says Angela Mills Wade, “there is no need for any new media-specific rules or regulations. Media companies would rather be left alone”.
Health 01-06-2012

Parliament steps up pressure on food, beverage ads

The European Parliament has renewed calls to curb food and beverage advertising aimed at children and young people, with some MEPs even calling for a total ban on beer commercials aimed at youth. But it's not necessary, says the industry, "We can regulate ourselves".
Brexit 18-04-2012

Health chief: We have never wanted ‘drinking kills’ labels

A re-think of the EU's alcohol strategy, due in 2013, will focus on stronger health warnings to consumers, the European Commission's health policy chief has told EURACTIV in an interview. But the industry will first be given a chance to self-regulate.
Public Affairs 11-09-2007

Commission hails progress in advertising self-regulation

Consumer Protection Commissioner Meglena Kuneva has praised the progress made by the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) in the field of self-regulation in the advertising industry.
Public Affairs 06-03-2007

Conference questions effectiveness of self-regulation

A Friends of Europe Conference on 5 March 2007 highlighted the difficulties posed by business's voluntary agreements to prevent hard-core legislation.

UK task force presents guide to alternative policymaking tools

The third report of the UK's Better Regulation Task Force provides a toolkit to assess alternatives to traditional EU regulation such as market-based instruments, self-regulation, co-regulation or voluntary agreements.
Public Affairs 05-10-2004

Advertisers claim code of conduct is an example of self-regulation

European advertisers have presented EU officials, consumer groups and trade associations with their self-regulatory code of conduct as an example in good regulation.