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Brexit 19-09-2014

EU says Scotland’s NO vote good for “united and stronger” Europe

In a poll that attracted over 84% turnout, Scotland voted on Thursday to remain part of the United Kingdom by around 55% to 45%.
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Global Europe 18-09-2014

Europe awaits Scotland’s independence vote

"Should Scotland be an independent country?" Over 4 million Scots are set to go the polls on Thursday to answer this question and decide whether or not they want to stay part of the United Kingdom.
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Elections 13-12-2013

EU warns an independent Catalonia would become a ‘third country’

Brussels warned Catalonia on Friday that it would no longer be an EU member state if it becomes independent from Spain. The warning came after Catalan separatist parties set November 2014 as the date in which an independence referendum will be held in the spanish north-east region of Catalonia. "Do you want Catalonia to be a state?" and "Do you want that state to be independent?" would be the two questions asked in the referendum.

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