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Enlargement 04-04-2022

Vucic claims victory in elections ‘without suspense’

Serbia’s strongman Aleksandar Vučić claimed a landslide victory in general elections Sunday (3 April) paving the way for another term as president and extending his decade-long rule in the Balkan nation. Official results were set to be announced late Monday...
Elections 01-04-2022

Research finds 6,000 ethnic Albanians wiped from voting lists in Serbia

With just days to the Serbian presidential, parliamentary and partial local elections on Sunday (3 April), more than 6,020 citizens have found themselves removed from voter lists in a move activists and researchers say is because they are ethnic Albanians.
Enlargement 21-03-2022

Serbia’s EU ambition – the best guarded secret in the election campaign

In the predominantly Russia-leaning public space in Serbia, an EU candidate country since 2012, aligning with the bloc is obviously not a popular political message ahead of the parliamentary, presidential, and Belgrade elections due on 3 April.
Enlargement 01-03-2022

Chess player Vucic is considering his next moves

Serbian President Alexandar Vucic is reportedly good at chess. In politics, too, he is doing well: despite being accused of authoritarianism, monopolising the media, and frequently changing his opinion, his power seems unshakable, writes Svetla Miteva.
Enlargement 01-03-2022

Serbia elects amid crisis of democracy

Two years later, the officially stated reasons for the extraordinary elections in Serbia are proving that the parties that boycotted the 2020 election were right, writes Aleksandra Tomanić.
Enlargement 22-02-2022

Vucic’s media domination ‘hard to catch up’ in Serbia election campaign

Serbia's President Aleksandar Vučić and his ruling SNS party are set to win another mandate in the presidential and parliamentary elections due on 3 April, even though the opposition is mounting the most serious challenge to his rule since 2014.
Enlargement 20-12-2021

Vucic backs down on Rio Tinto project under pressure from civil society

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has halted a controversial lithium mining project with British-Australian company Rio Tinto, following national protests throughout the country during November and December. But protesters have vowed to continue the fight.
Enlargement 21-10-2020

Ethnic Croats to prop new Serbian government

Serbia's new government will have a shorter term, as the next general election will be held in April 2022 at the latest, simultaneously with the presidential polls and municipal elections in Belgrade, Serbian president and leader of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vučić, said on Tuesday (20 October).
Enlargement 09-06-2020

Ahead of vote, virus emboldens Serbian president’s one-man show

An excuse to dominate the airwaves, sideline the opposition and cast himself as a saviour: President Aleksandar Vučić has emerged from the coronavirus crisis stronger than ever as he looks to extend his vice-like grip on Serbia's troubled democracy.
Elections 16-06-2017

Serbia names gay woman as premier in Balkan first

Serbia's president yesterday (15 June) named an openly gay woman as the next prime minister, a milestone move for the deeply conservative country and the wider Balkan region.
Enlargement 04-04-2017

Brussels trusts Vucic will confirm Serbia’s EU path

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić has won Serbia's presidential election in the first round, nearly complete official results showed yesterday (3 April). The EU said his election was “a vote of confidence” showing that the people of Serbia fully endorse the EU path.
Elections 03-04-2017

Serbian PM confirms domination with presidential win

Conservative Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić won Serbia's presidential election yesterday (2 April) by a huge margin, confirming his domination of the Balkan country as he pursues a delicate balancing act between Europe and Russia.
Elections 03-03-2017

Serbia to hold snap elections in April

Serbian presidential elections will be held 2 April, the speaker of the Serbian Parliament announced on Thursday (2 March). EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Elections 30-08-2013

Serbia to open accession talks with new cabinet

Serbia’s government reshuffle is likely to put in place what appears to be a cabinet made up of an antagonistic mix of Western-minded reformers, conservative Socialists and Party of the United Pensioners. EURACTIV Serbia reports. 
Enlargement 06-12-2012

The risk of losing Serbia

The Serbian elections in May brought to power forces that are more ambivalent towards Europe, with a rising anti-EU sentiment in Serbia, write Ioannis Armakolas and Maja Maksimovi?.
Enlargement 29-05-2012

Russia’s Putin tones down Serb rivalries

The transcript of a discussion between new Serbian President Tomislav Nikoli? and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin appears to suggest that Moscow is preparing to work with a government led by Nikoli?'s rival, former President Boris Tadi?, as Prime Minister.
Elections 08-05-2012

Serbian Socialist leader eyes premiership

Either in coalition with the pro-European Democratic Party of outgoing President Boris Tadi? or with the Progressive Party of former ultranationalist Tomislav Nikoli?, Socialist leader Ivica Da?i? sees himself as the country's next prime minister. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Elections 07-05-2012

Former ultranationalists lead in Serbia election

Serbia held joint parliamentary, presidential and local elections on Sunday (6 May), sending ultranationalist Tomislav Nikoli? and incumbent President Boris Tadi? to a presidential election run-off on 20 May. BETA, the EURACTIV partner agency in Serbia, reports.
Elections 04-05-2012

Serbia prepares for close ‘three-in-one’ super-election

On Sunday (6 May), Serbia will hold joint parliamentary, presidential and local elections. Two days ahead of the poll, the outcome appears uncertain except for the Socialists who are likely to enter the government with either of the main contenders. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
EU Priorities 2020 04-05-2012

Europe faces 3 national elections on ‘Super Sunday’

On Sunday (6 May), the French will elect a new president, the Greeks will hold general elections, and EU hopeful Serbia will designate their new president, Parliament and local authorities. The stakes appear high not only for the individual countries concerned but also for Europe as a whole.
Elections 05-04-2012

Serbia to hold ‘three-in-one’ elections on 6 May

Serbian President Boris Tadi? made a surprise resignation announcement yesterday (4 April), ten months before the end of his term. The event comes before upcoming joint parliamentary, presidential and local elections on 6 May, which the president hopes will keep his Democratic Party in power and edge the country closer to the European Union.
Elections 14-03-2012

Serbia to hold elections in May

Regular parliamentary and local elections were called in Serbia yesterday (13 March) and will be held on 6 May. This fourth election after the collapse of Slobodan Miloševi?'s authoritarian regime in 2000 is facing an uncertain outcome.
Enlargement 24-02-2012

Serbia’s EU future hangs on a footnote

EU-mediated negotiations between Belgrade and Priština are to resume this morning (24 February) in Brussels, with high stakes: the granting of EU candidate status to Serbia at the 1-2 March summit or a return to nationalism on the eve of elections in Serbia at the end of April. BETA, the EURACTIV partner agency in Serbia, contributed to this article. 
Enlargement 15-02-2011

Serbian PM sacks key minister as row escalates

Conflicts within the ruling coalition in Serbia escalated on Monday (14 February) when Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovi? launched a procedure for the dismissal of a prominent reformist minister representing a junior party. EURACTIV Serbia reports.