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Enlargement 12-12-2017

Four (and a half) reasons why Schengen would be better off with Bulgaria and Romania

The refusal to extend the Schengen area to Bulgaria and Romania is a blatant example of lack of solidarity, disrespect for commitments and disregard for the EU’s own decision-making process, writes Sergei Stanishev.
Elections 17-09-2012

Delivering a ‘lead’ candidate for the 2014 European elections

In his latest State of the Union address to the European Parliament, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso asked all political parties to present a ‘lead’ candidate for the European elections. The reason that the call was such a surprise was that the Party of European Socialists has been working on this for the last three years, argues Sergei Stanishey.
Elections 07-05-2012

After the French elections: An end to ‘Eurostarvation’

  François Hollande’s victory in the French presidential elections marks the end of both the ‘Merkozy’ duo and their disastrously recessionary austerity-only policies, argues Sergei Stanishev.