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Technology 25-01-2019

Brussels city warned over ‘disproportionate’ rules for Airbnb

The city of Brussels could be taken to court over its strict home sharing rules after the European Commission on Thursday (24 January) said such rules are disproportionate, in a move hailed by US home-renting company Airbnb.

Commission wants to open up legal, architectural, and engineering professions

The European Commission proposed on Tuesday (10 January) a fine-tuning of the Services Directive in order to address the over-protection of certain professions in the member states.

Wary of backlash, Commission delays Services Directive update

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker decided on Tuesday (13 December) to postpone measures to boost the mobility of service providers across the EU, aiming to avoid “unintended consequences” and a protectionist backlash, EURACTIV.com has learned.

More services integration needed to reinvigorate Europe

Goods can be traded freely across the EU, but the same cannot, in practice, be said of services. Less restrictions in the sector would yield enormous economic benefits, argue Arup Banerij, Doerte Doemeland and Sanja Madžarević Šujster.
Technology 28-10-2015

Brussels announces crackdown on single market offenders

Often referred to as the EU's crown jewel, the internal market is far from being completed, resulting in wide divergences for consumers across the 28 member states. The European Commission announced new plans on Wednesday (28 October) to crack down on offenders.
A container ship owned by the Danish shipping giant Maersk docks in a harbour in Hamburg, Germany. August 2010 [Niels Linneberg/Flickr]
Trade & Society 30-07-2014

Germany, Denmark benefit most from internal market

Twenty years after the introduction of the internal market, Europe is wealthier than ever with Germans and Danes benefiting the most from the steady increase in economic integration, according to a recent study by the Bertelsmann Foundation. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Trade & Society 14-03-2013

Protectionism on services costing the EU 2.6% of GDP, says MEP

Implementing the Services Directive could rise economic output by some 2.6% in five to 10 years, MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt told EURACTIV ahead of an EU leaders meeting in Brussels dedicated to growth.
Trade & Society 14-03-2013

MEP: EU countries must implement services rules

Economic protectionism stoked by fears of social dumping is preventing EU countries from taking full advantage of the EU services directive, says MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt. Ahead of her 15 March report, she tells EURACTIV how the rules, which chop down barriers to the sale of services across borders, curb discrimination and could result in a 2.6% rise in European GDP.

One year on, many EU countries slow to act on Services Directive

More than a year after the Services Directive entered into force, only 14 EU countries have set up fully functioning business centres to help companies that want to provide services across borders.  

Services Directive causes further EU headaches

Member states are struggling to bring the EU Services Directive into national law while carefully watching other countries' development, a EURACTIV round-up has found.