About: Services of general economic interest (SGEI)

Brexit 11-07-2017

Strong trade surplus offers hope for UK services industry post-Brexit

Brexit will take a heavy toll on the UK’s trade in services with the EU but its trade surplus with the rest of the world will cushion the blow if the government can sign new trade deals quickly, experts say.

Services of General Interest in the EU

Water, energy, health, telecoms and transport are among the most widely-known examples of services that public authorities consider of general interest and subject to specific public service obligations. 

MEPs raise fears of Services Directive delay

Members of the European Parliament this week urged EU member states to step up their efforts to ensure the Services Directive is implemented into national law within the agreed deadline of 31 December 2009, but more importantly, that they implement it correctly.

CEDAG: ‘Confusion’ as EU services directive deadline nears

The European Services Directive, which EU member states must transpose into law by the end of this year, is a flawed agreement, according to Patrick de Bucquois of CEDAG, a European umbrella group for non-profit organisations.

‘Confusion’ as EU Services Directive deadline nears

The European Services Directive, which EU member states must transpose into law by the end of this year, is a flawed agreement, Patrick de Bucquois, incoming president of CEDAG, a European umbrella group for non-profit organisations, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Transport 21-11-2007

Scaled-down public services proposal under fire

The Commission's decision to scale down its ambitions for public service regulation has been met with contempt by trade unions, public employers, NGOs and the Socialist Group in the European Parliament.

Public services ‘safeguarded’ in draft EU Treaty

A broad alliance of organisations, ranging from the Committee of the Regions to trade unions, has welcomed provisions on public services in the draft mandate for the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC), which will negotiate a new EU Treaty.

Trade unions want public services protected

European trade unions have launched a Europe-wide petition calling on the Commission to establish rules to protect public services that are vital to the health and well-being of citizens.

Services row revisited over general interest directive

The Parliament's 26 September 2006 debate on the White Paper dealing with Services of General Interest showed a split along party lines, but also divisions within the larger groups on the need of a framework directive.

Parliament demands clarity on public services

Parliament tells the Commission to clearly distinguish services of 'general interest' from services of 'general economic interest' and to adopt legal rules accordingly.