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Economy & Jobs 08-03-2021

Spain eyes €11 billion rescue package for struggling businesses 

The Spanish government is expected to approve a rescue package worth €11 billion by the end of the month in support of small and medium-sized businesses badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, EURACTIV’s partner EFE reported.
Brexit 09-01-2018

For the UK’s post-Brexit economy, no deal is the worst deal

As UK Prime Minister Theresa May teases the prospect of appointing a minister for a ‘no deal’ scenario during her cabinet reshuffle, Charles Rie and Marco Hafner outline the potential risks of Britain leaving the EU without an exit agreement.

Euro & Finance 31-01-2017

France loses market share despite competitiveness gains

French exports are gradually becoming more competitive, according to the 2016 competitiveness study by macroeconomics NGO COE-Rexecode. But the country’s market share is still falling. Euractiv’s partner La Tribune reports.
Technology 27-01-2017

Chinese messaging app WeChat courts European business for ad sales and e-commerce

Messaging and e-commerce app WeChat is courting European businesses to advertise and sell to its more than 700 million users in China.
Trade & Society 21-11-2016

Ecuadorian VP: EU trade deal ‘is unlike other agreements’

Ecuadorian Vice-President Jorge Glas told EURACTIV Spain that the trade agreement recently signed with the EU will generate plenty of opportunities and underpin the changes his country has been working toward in recent years. On 11 November, Ecuador joined a...
Trade & Society 22-02-2016

Italian beach operators wait on ECJ ruling

European legislation on the single market for services continues to haunt beachside operators, who fear increased competition and a loss of investment. A forthcoming ECJ ruling could prove to be significant. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Trade & Society 03-02-2016

Parliament sets red lines for TiSA negotiations

The European Parliament on Wednesday (3 February) adopted a number of recommendations - their red lines and blue lines - for the ongoing negotiations over the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA).
Taxis line up at an event in Berlin. 2011 [Taxi Berlin/Flickr]

Uber taxi app banned in Germany following court ruling

Smartphone apps for taxi services provided by the American company Uber are now banned in Germany, following a district court ruling in Frankfurt that has traditional cab drivers celebrating. EURACTIV Germany reports.
A container ship owned by the Danish shipping giant Maersk docks in a harbour in Hamburg, Germany. August 2010 [Niels Linneberg/Flickr]
Trade & Society 30-07-2014

Germany, Denmark benefit most from internal market

Twenty years after the introduction of the internal market, Europe is wealthier than ever with Germans and Danes benefiting the most from the steady increase in economic integration, according to a recent study by the Bertelsmann Foundation. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 24-10-2012

MEPs give a cautious go-ahead to EU-US trade deal

The European Parliament yesterday (23 October) cleared the way for the EU executive to open negotiations with the United States to move towards a transatlantic free trade agreement, but not at any price.
Brexit 18-04-2011

Business balks at EU plans for services ‘standardisation’

Proposals to introduce standardisation systems across Europe – covering services that could range from tattooists to tourism – have met with hostility from business and caution from consumer groups.

MEPs raise fears of Services Directive delay

Members of the European Parliament this week urged EU member states to step up their efforts to ensure the Services Directive is implemented into national law within the agreed deadline of 31 December 2009, but more importantly, that they implement it correctly.
Euro & Finance 11-03-2009

EU ministers agree to lower VAT

The financial and economic crisis pushed EU finance ministers to agree on a deal to apply reduced sales tax on local services such as meals, haircuts and home repairs yesterday (10 March), ending a decade of haggling to help local businesses.
Transport 26-11-2008

Services Directive likely to be delayed across EU

Eight EU member states are unlikely to transpose the Services Directive into national law by the deadline of 28 December 2009, according to a new survey published this week.

Business backs Commission on dispatched worker rules

Proposals to loosen what the Commission describes as "excessive national control measures" on the posting of workers abroad are being acclaimed by business organisations and criticised by trade unions. 

Parliament concurs with Council on Services Directive

The Parliament has adopted, with the votes of its three largest groups, the much-disputed Services Directive, paving the way for the its entry into force in early 2010. It voted against all amendments to a summer 2006 Council compromise.

Services in the Internal Market

The directive on services in the internal market was designed to break down barriers to trade in services across the EU, and help complete the single market. Despite most member states having failed to implement it by an end-2009 deadline, the European Commission harbours hopes of its completion by summer 2010.

Parliament to adopt unchanged Services Directive

The Parliament is likely to adopt the Council's Common Position on the Services Directive unchanged, following an announcement by the rapporteur not to table any amendments.

New EU members more innovative on services?

An EU-funded report hints that some new member states are outperforming the EU’s largest economies in the service sector. However, it could just be that new members are playing catch-up.

Council finds backing on services compromise

The Parliament's Internal Market Committee voted, without any amendments, for the Council's Common Position on the Services Directive, making an agreement in second reading more likely.
Competition 13-10-2006

Commission says notaries must open up to foreigners

Member states must abolish nationality requirements for notaries offering legal services in their country, the Commission has decided. This should allow more choice and better prices for citizens.
Trade & Society 10-10-2006

‘Single-market policies are failing’

According to a new study, despite 20 years of policies aimed towards creating a single market, the majority of Europeans continue not only to work but also to shop and invest exclusively in their own country.
Brexit 22-09-2006

Analysis: EU retail banking – Drivers for the emergence of cross-border business

This research paper, published by Deutsche Bank, examines the prospects for the growth of cross-border retail banking in the EU. 

Services: Gebhardt and Finnish presidency argue over compromise

The draft report for the second reading of the services directive did not go down as well with the Council and Conservative MEPs as the Parliament's rapporteur, Evelyne Gebhardt, had hoped for.