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Brexit 09-01-2018

For the UK’s post-Brexit economy, no deal is the worst deal

As UK Prime Minister Theresa May teases the prospect of appointing a minister for a ‘no deal’ scenario during her cabinet reshuffle, Charles Rie and Marco Hafner outline the potential risks of Britain leaving the EU without an exit agreement.

Brexit 22-09-2006

Analysis: EU retail banking – Drivers for the emergence of cross-border business

This research paper, published by Deutsche Bank, examines the prospects for the growth of cross-border retail banking in the EU. 

Analysis: “The Services Directive – Moving towards a consensus”

In a policy paper published by the Robert Schuman Foundation, Marie-Dominique Garabiol-Furet (Executive Civil Servant, PhD in Law) argues that the services directive keeps the risks of social dumping to a minimum.