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Health 01-07-2019

Vaccines are victim of their own success, global health expert says

One of the reasons behind the decline in vaccine confidence is that people have gotten complacent, as diseases that have killed millions of people aren’t here anymore due to the success of vaccination, an epidemiologist told EURACTIV.
Development Policy 21-01-2016

Ebola epidemic reveals gaps in research into diseases of poverty

The Vaccine Alliance has announced that it will fund research into an Ebola vaccine. Without public funding, laboratories often ignore illnesses that affect the poorest patients. EURACTIV France reports.
Seth Berkley
Development Policy 08-12-2014

GAVI CEO: The EU should fund more vaccines for developing countries

The European Commission, and particularly newer member states, have the ability and therefore should do more in order to finance vital vaccines for poor developing countries, says Seth Berkley.