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Economy & Jobs 04-03-2020

Spain adopts legislation to curb sexual assaults and gender violence 

The Spanish government, a coalition of moderate socialists and radical leftists, adopted new legislation on Tuesday (3 March) to prevent gender violence and sexual assaults, which are on the rise in Spain, EURACTIV’s partner EuroEFE reported. The progressive coalition of...

UN adopts watered-down resolution against rape as weapon of war

As current member and current President of the UN Security Council, Germany presented its resolution on Tuesday (23 April) in which it urged UN member states to strengthen their response in combating sexual violence. Although some debate Germany’s sincerity, the EU seems to be taking this fight very seriously. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 12-03-2018

Beyond #MeToo: Feminists of the South fight for rights

In developing countries, women also fight to assert their rights in the streets and on social networks. EURACTIV’s partner El Pais – Planeta Futuro reports.
Global Europe 29-06-2016

Thai military cracks down on allegations of torture

In Thailand, three human rights activists face several years in prison after revealing details of torture perpetrated by the military. They are charged with insulting the army. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Development Policy 09-06-2015

UN finds Eritrea may have committed crimes against humanity

Eritrea may have committed crimes against humanity, a year-long UN human rights inquiry said in a report published yesterday (8 June) describing extrajudicial killings, widespread torture, sexual slavery and enforced labour.

MEPs hold ‘vagina monologues’ to stop violence against women

In what seems to be a demonstrative statement to end violence against women, nine MEPs have taken the courage to perform Eve Ensler’s play, the Vagina Monologues, tonight (6 March) in the European Parliament.