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Freedom of thought 06-11-2017

As populations age, time to talk about fertility

EU countries should take concrete actions to ensure that fertility treatments are reimbursed and made available irrespective of the income or place of residence of patients, writes Norica Nicolai.
Health 08-03-2017

There’s nothing private about women’s sexual and reproductive rights

In 2017, women’s sexual and reproductive rights should be recognised as human rights. But first they must be freed from the political agenda, writes Carina Autengruber.
Health 15-02-2017

Greece alarmed by high number of abortions among minors

The medical community is concerned about the growing number abortions in Greece as well as the lack of sex education among teenagers.
Health 20-04-2016

EU must not backslide on sexual and reproductive rights

It would have been hard to miss the recent furore caused by Donald Trump’s flip-flopping around on the Republican abortion bandwagon. But frankly, what worries me much more is what is happening here in Europe, writes Caroline Hickson.
Development Policy 12-05-2014

Why sexual and reproductive rights can’t be taken for granted

The 'I decide' campaign being launched today aims to put sexual and reproductive health rights at the heart of development policy and mobilise the majority of Europe's citizens against those who would take us back to the Middle Ages, writes Michael Cashman. 
Development Policy 10-02-2014

New laws needed to curb female genital mutilation, NGO claims

A leading development NGO says that efforts to end female genital mutilation (FGM) will fail without a concerted global push to get the issue onto the global policymaking table, reports EURACTIV Spain.
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Development Policy 07-02-2014

MEPs question EU efforts to fight female genital mutilation

In the event of the eleventh International Day of Zero Tolerance, a UN sponsored celebration aimed at stopping female genital mutilation, MEPs urged the European Commission to step up their efforts to put an end to such mutilations.
Development Policy 04-02-2013

Foreign aid for sexual health sparks hot budget debate

Conservatives opposed to using EU development aid to finance family planning services in poor nations have succeeded in recent years in reducing support for reproductive health services in poor nations, say health advocates who are now bracing for further cuts.