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How EU can end corporate short-termism and create sustainable financial system

The notion of corporate governance must be revised to protect us from short-term shareholder interests and ensure we make the long-term investments vital to our future, argues Filip Gregor.
Economy & Jobs 14-03-2017

Parliament backs shareholders’ say on directors’ pay

The European Parliament backed an agreement on Tuesday (14 March) reached with member states to allow shareholders a say on directors’ remuneration schemes.

EU lawmakers back rewards for long-term shareholders

Long-term shareholders in companies in the European Union will be rewarded with extra voting rights or loyalty dividends if a draft law backed by a panel of EU lawmakers comes into force.
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Euro & Finance 07-05-2015

The EU and Corporate Responsibility: Setting the 2015-2019 agenda

Hailed by some as a turning-point for non-financial reporting, the European Directive on Disclosure of Non-Financial and Diversity Information was approved last September. This will require around 6,000 firms to provide details on matters including environmental, societal, human-rights and governance issues.
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Euro & Finance 28-10-2014

Sustainable Investment in Europe

Robust corporate governance is essential to ensure that organisations are well-governed and sustainable in the long term – crucial to the long-term financing of the European economy. Following the successful agreement on the Non-Financial Reporting Directive the European Commission has now proposed a revision of the Shareholder Rights Directive.

Socially responsible investors in EU adopt active role

Strategies aimed at directly impacting society are becoming more popular among European investors focused on green and social investing, according to a Eurosif report.

Sustainability leader urges firms to integrate CSR reporting

SPECIAL REPORT / The Commission’s proposals to introduce new corporate social responsibility (CSR) rules must push companies to incorporate non-financial reporting into their accounts, according to a campaigning executive.