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Transport 20-07-2009

UN shipping body agrees to CO2-cutting proposals

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the United Nations shipping agency, on Friday (17 July) agreed to voluntary proposals aimed at cutting carbon emissions, but environmental groups said it fell short of what was needed.
Transport 06-09-2006

Parliament approves extra funds for cleaning-up oil slicks

MEPs have adopted a first-reading report in which they back granting €154 million to its Agency responsible for maritime safety (EMSA) in order to better respond to pollution caused by ships.  
Climate change 14-04-2005

Ship fuels to get greener

Sulphur pollution from ships is to be cut back after Parliament gave its green light to a compromise deal with the Council on the marine fuels directive.
Security 13-02-2004

Commission adopts new measures to protect ports from terrorist attacks

The Commission has presented a new proposal for a directive to improve security at ports in the EU.
Climate change 23-01-2004

MEPs oppose terrorism powers for European Maritime Safety Agency

The Parliament's Transport Committee has agreed to a task list for the EU's Maritime Safety Agency but was against giving it control over security issues.
Climate change 14-01-2004

MEPs want criminal sanctions for polluting ships

MEPs voted for illegal pollution by ships, in particular deliberate discharges at sea of waste and cargo residues (such as oil and chemicals), to be made a criminal offence.
Climate change 05-12-2003

International Maritime Organisation backs EU push for stricter rules on tankers

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has agreed to adopt European Union proposals on speeding up the timetable for the withdrawal of single-hull oil tankers.
Climate change 14-11-2003

EU pushes for stricter international rules on tankers

Under pressure from the EU, the International Maritime Organisation will meet on 4-5 December to discuss changes to worldwide rules on tankers.
Climate change 07-11-2003

Prestige disaster may lead to criminal sanctions for polluting ships

On 4 November, the Parliament Transport committee gave its approval to criminal sanctions for ships that pollute the oceans.
Transport 13-10-2003

Transport Ministers want quick implementation of increased safety in ports and ships

During their Council meeting held on 9 October, Transport Ministers held a debate in first reading on maritime transport security.

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