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Elections 23-11-2015

Liberal ALDE party elects Hans Van Baalen as new President

MEP Hans van Baalen (VVD), a Dutch member of the European Parliament, was elected the new President of the ALDE Party at the ALDE Party Congress in Budapest on Saturday (21 November), triumphing over former Estonian Commissioner Siim Kallas.
#Media4EU event, 29 January 2015
Technology 02-02-2015

As it happened: Six to-dos for sustainable European media

How can independent media survive across Europe? EURACTIV releases six recommendations in January 2015 for a more effective EU strategy towards media and the fourth estate.
Transport 06-11-2014

EU gears up for more road toll schemes

The European Commission announced it will propose a new law to make road toll schemes across Europe more user-friendly if it fails to achieve it through non-binding measures.
Transport 11-07-2014

Brussels loses patience over Single Sky delays

The European Commission sent formal letters to 18 EU countries yesterday (10 July), urging them to improve their Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs), the cornerstones of a single European airspace, saying implementation delays were hurting consumers, airlines and the environment.
A road toll in Serbia [Photo: Shutterstock]
Transport 08-07-2014

Germany toll charge plan questioned by neighbours

Germany's Transport Minister outlined proposals for a new road toll on Monday (7 July), attracting immediate comdemnation from critics, including neighbouring Austria, who say it would effectively only charge foreigners.

Council rubber stamps private-public partnerships in biomass, air, energy, electronics, medicine

The European Council Tuesday (5 May), approved the roll out of a series of public private partnerships worth up to €22 billion over the next seven years.
Euro & Finance 05-05-2014

Debt relief for Greece on table as EU economic growth picks up

New debt relief measures for Greece will be discussed Monday (5 May) by euro area finance ministers, the European Commission confirmed as it presented a spring economic forecast showing gradual growth across the EU.
Prime Minister of Portugal Pedro Passos Coelho
Euro & Finance 05-05-2014

Portugal exits from bailout on 17 May

Portugal said yesterday (4 May) it would exit its three-year €78-billion bailout this month without a precautionary credit line, as the country returns to growth after years of painful austerity and unpopular reforms.
EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger favours an EU-wide solution to road tolling. March 2014 [The Council of the European Union]
Transport 28-04-2014

Transport expert: EU-wide road toll is quick-fire solution

EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger is still convinced of the benefits of a Europe-wide tolling system. But the devil is in the details, said a transport expert speaking with EURACTIV Germany: Oettinger's idea is nothing more than a “quick-fire solution”.
Transport 16-04-2014

Parliament approves safer trucks

The European Parliament voted through a proposal yesterday (15 April) that should help make trucks safer for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as reduce CO2 emissions. MEPs, however, rejected plans to allow so-called 'mega-trucks' across the EU, leaving the decision to member states.
Transport 14-04-2014

Parliament votes to harmonise electric cars in Europe

The European Parliament is set to approve new EU laws aimed at setting up infrastructure for alternative fuels in the EU, a move aimed at boosting electric vehicles and reducing Europe’s dependence on imported oil, MEPs said ahead of the plenary vote, which takes place today (15 April). EURACTIV reports from Strasbourg.
Transport 25-07-2013

Safety official sees no link between EU rail liberalisation, fatal accidents

Several devastating railway accidents, including one in Spain this week that is Europe’s deadliest since 1998, show little sign of being related to the EU’s fast-track effort to liberalise railways and separate infrastructure from passenger and cargo services, a safety official said.
Transport 03-07-2013

MEPs vote to include motorcycles in safety inspections

The European Parliament voted Tuesday (2 July) to extend vehicle safety checks to motorcycles, reversing a parliamentary committee’s effort to exempt two-wheeled vehicles from inspections.
Transport 20-02-2013

Kallas defends plan to pry open domestic rail markets

Europe’s railways need more competition and less bureaucracy if they are to reverse the decline in use, Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas said Tuesday (19 February) as he sought to warm up MEPs to a new liberalisation plan.
Transport 30-01-2013

Kallas rolls back EU bid to break up state rail monopolies

In a compromise aimed at countries like France and Germany, the European Commission on Wednesday (30 January) unveiled its latest plan to integrate rail services, allowing traditional state companies to maintain their hold on railway infrastructure as well as passenger and cargo services.
Transport 12-11-2012

Kallas: Budget cuts threaten EU fundamentals

Siim Kallas, the Commission vice president responsible for transport, said budget cuts for 2014-2020 proposed for the 22-23 November summit risked ‘cancelling’ European policies designed to link Eastern and Western parts of the continent.
Transport 27-09-2012

EU looks East for air travel growth opportunities

With European airlines on course to lose more than €800 million this year, Commission Vice President Siim Kallas today (27 September) called for forging aviation agreements and partnerships in fast-growing Asian and Middle Eastern markets as well as neighbouring Russia.
Transport 18-07-2012

Touch and go: EU wants ‘intelligent’ transport systems

Travelling across Europe by rail, coach or other services would become easier if EU national governments would do a better job of sharing information and using technology to improve trip planning, said EU officials trying to spur transport efficiency.