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Aviation 21-06-2021

Parliament on collision course with EU member states over airspace reform

The European Parliament’s recently agreed position on reforming Europe's airspace backs a number of items rejected by EU countries, setting up a showdown between MEPs and member states over the Single European Sky initiative 2+ (SES).
Aviation 10-06-2021

EU’s air traffic reform plan draws fire from airlines

Global airlines have criticised the European Union's recently agreed position on air traffic management reform, arguing it hampers much-needed improvements to Europe’s sclerotic air transport system.
Aviation 26-02-2021

EU announces fresh funding for ‘disruptive’ research into clean aircraft

The European Commission announced on Tuesday (23 February) that it will finance the development of new aircraft powered by clean fuel sources, in a bid to cut aviation emissions by 2050.
Transport 10-02-2017

EU to bolster air traffic management to address looming crisis

The European Commission will unveil this year two key documents to improve the efficiency of the airborne routes to tackle the capacity crunch of European airports.
Commission Vice President Jyrki Katainen and Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc
Transport 06-11-2015

Commission billions to go to large-scale transport infrastructure

The European Commission is getting ready to feed money into transport projects around Europe and will focus its attention on large infrastructure and technology for traffic management.
Transport 16-07-2015

EU court action threat unless single airspace zone takes off

The European Commission ordered five countries to speed up the merging of their national air corridors on Thursday to cut costs for airlines and reduce fuel consumption, threatening to take them to court unless they acted in two months.
Transport 31-01-2014

MEPs put brakes on air services liberalisation

Members of the EU Parliament’s transport committee rejected yesterday (30 January) the European Commission’s attempt to fully liberalise air navigation services in the 28-country bloc, until further impact studies are carried out. 
Transport 04-07-2013

Fuel efficiency seen driving demand for new aircraft in EU, globally

Airlines struggling to sustain profits in an era of volatile jet fuel prices will increasingly turn to new and more efficient aircraft, according to industry forecasters who expect to supply more than 7,000 new aircraft in Europe over the next 20 years.
Trade & Society 20-06-2013

EU’s single sky ambitions remain grounded by national air traffic jams

SPECIAL REPORT / Labour actions by French air traffic controllers who oppose longstanding EU plans to overhaul air traffic management demonstrate that efforts to improve aviation efficiency and reduce nuisances in Europe’s crowded airspace will not happen easily. EURACTIV reports from the Paris Air Show.
Transport 22-01-2013

Failed air control mergers put EU countries under pressure

The European Commission should end national monopolies of air traffic control if it is to succeed in making air travel more efficient, an executive of low-cost leader Ryanair told EU officials yesterday (21 January).
Transport 10-10-2012

Slow motion on air traffic control triggers furore in Parliament

Anger over the failure of many EU countries to cooperate on air traffic control erupted yesterday (9 October) in the European Parliament’s transport committee, with the panel's chairman accusing national leaders of “deceit” and reneging on commitments to improve aviation performance.
Transport 09-07-2012

EU’s ambitions for green air traffic rules grounded

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe’s plan to consolidate a patchwork of national air traffic control systems to reduce flight delays and boost environmental performance appears grounded for now, hampered by national governments’ inaction and fear of losing sovereignty. EURACTIV reports from the Farnborough Airshow.
Transport 11-04-2012

Air industry wants speedier progress on traffic control

Faced with stagnant economies and rising fuel prices, Europe's airline industry is pressing leaders to speed up the modernisation of the continent’s air traffic control system as a way to improve efficiency.  
Transport 01-12-2010

Aerospace industry aims to fly higher on innovation

To maintain world leadership, the EU aeronautics industry must not rest on its laurels, but rather seek to increase funding in research and development and team up with universities to produce the high-skilled workers needed to face up to global competition.
Transport 26-03-2009

EU completes ‘Single Sky’ airspace shake-up

Cheaper airline tickets, shorter flight times, less pollution and no more air borders: these are the expected benefits of the 'Single European Sky II' package of legislation adopted by the European Parliament yesterday (25 March).
Transport 27-02-2009

Airlines ‘key’ to modernising EU airspace

It is not possible to modernise European air traffic management infrastructure unless competing companies work together and airlines are involved in the development of new technologies to ensure that they satisfy operational needs, the executive director of an EU programme aimed at overhauling Europe's airspace told EURACTIV in an interview.
Transport 23-02-2009

EU ‘Single Sky’ agreement in sight

Despite some diverging views, the European Parliament and the Council are heading for first-reading agreement on the Single European Sky proposed by the European Commission last summer, paving the way for the swift implementation that is eagerly awaited by both businesses and the joint research undertaking Sesar. 
Transport 10-12-2008

EU prepares for common air traffic management

EU transport ministers have reached agreement on the technical details of Europe's next-generation air traffic management system, paving the way for shorter flights and reduced CO2 emissions from air traffic.
Transport 26-06-2008

Single sky wins support amid airline fears over ETS

Countries would have to surrender sovereignty over their national airspace in favour of a European air-traffic management system by 2012, according to proposals presented in Brussels yesterday. While many are reluctant, concerns relating to parallel plans to include airlines in the EU's emissions trading scheme could get the ball rolling.
Transport 09-07-2007

Experts urge EU to implement ‘single sky’

Member states must overcome their reluctance to hand over sovereignty on air-traffic control systems and speed up the implementation of a unified European system in order to improve industry's efficiency, enhance safety and slash CO2 emissions, according to a report by high-level experts.
Transport 11-12-2003

Unified air traffic control system from 2005

The Parliament and the Council reached an agreement in conciliation on 9 December that paves the way for a single system of air traffic control in Europe, known as the Single European Sky.
Transport 07-07-2003

Parliament refuses restrictions to the single European sky

On 3 July, MEPS voted in second reading on the single European sky regulations. The main amendments dealt with civil and military cooperation and Member States' sovereignty over their own airspace.
Transport 04-10-2002

Council debates plans for Single European Sky

On 3 October, the Council discussed Commissioner de Palacio's proposals for a Single European Sky. A political agreement is expected only in December.
Transport 06-09-2002

Parliament approves plans for Single European Sky

On 3 September, the European Parliament approved in its first reading Commissioner de Palacio's proposals for a Single European Sky