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Digital & Media 22-06-2017

EU telecoms watchdog: ‘We are independent and we bother powerful people’

Sébastien Soriano spoke to EURACTIV about what Yoda can teach us about EU telecoms law, accusations that he is lobbying to change draft rules, net neutrality and the likely new Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.
Digital & Media 12-05-2017

Proximus CEO: High quality Belgian network ‘is reflected in the price’

Belgium has higher mobile phone prices than many other countries in Europe because of the high quality of its network, Dominique Leroy told EURACTIV.com.  Looking forward, she said more spectrum was badly needed to cope with soaring demand for mobile data.
Broadband 04-05-2017

Thirteen member states double down on opposition to EU spectrum rules

A group of thirteen EU member states have doubled down on a pushback by national governments against the European Commission's proposed changes to radio spectrum policy, arguing it will sweep away their powers to auction off spectrum to telecoms operators.
UK Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy Ed Vaizey
Digital & Media 08-09-2015

Brexit won’t affect roaming charges, vows UK government

British consumers can rest assured they'll benefit from EU plans to drop roaming charges in 2017—regardless of the outcome of the UK referendum on EU membership, a British official told a concerned House of Lords committee yesterday (7 September).
Digital & Media 06-04-2015

No Digital Europe without a strong Telecom Single Market

Without more forward looking political leadership and an ambitious Telecoms Single Market, the European digital single market will remain only a virtual reality.
Digital & Media 31-10-2014

Outgoing Digital Commissioner: A lot more work is needed to clarify the ‘right to be forgotten’

The EU has to do quite a lot more work to make the “right to be forgotten” clear, says Neelie Kroes. In a wide-ranging interview, she also reflects on the new Juncker Commission and what’s missing from Europe’s digital economy.
Digital & Media 30-09-2014

Governments lower roaming charges in Western Balkans

Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia signed an agreement in Budva on 29 September, reducing roaming prices based on the EU model. BETA/EURACTIV Serbia reports.
The Skype homepage [Shutterstock]
Digital & Media 24-09-2014

EU member states agree to deregulate voice markets

EU regulators are set to remove limits on the prices that leading telecoms firms such as Orange and Telecom Italia can charge smaller operators for accessing their networks, a European Commission source said on Tuesday (23 September).
Le Premier ministre italien Matteo Renzi à Bruxelles mars 2014. [Palazzo Chigi/Flickr]
Digital & Media 09-06-2014

Italian Presidency vows telecoms reform by end of 2014

Italy’s incoming presidency of the EU will focus on adopting the entire telecoms reform by the end of the year and will avoid splitting the package to put aside the most controversial issues, a member of the Italian government told EURACTIV. 
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Digital & Media 10-09-2013

EU set to unveil new rules on roaming

The European Commission will adopt a plan on Thursday to scrap mobile roaming charges by 2016 and to boost broadband speed. In a proposal that has already proved unpopular among mobile phone companies, the new draft legislation is seen by the Commission as as the next step to complete a pan-European digital single market. But large networks, including Vodafone, Orange and Telefónica, have complained that capping roaming costs within Europe will cost them a huge amount.
Digital & Media 10-09-2013

Kroes’s telecoms plan faces Commission hostility

Neelie Kroes, the EU's digital agenda commissioner, may have to redraw part of her plan to boost broadband speeds and forge a cross-continent market, because of opposition to proposals critics say could give big operators unfair advantages, a senior EU Commission official has said.
Digital & Media 30-04-2013

Telecoms leader: Voice apps are now ‘serious competitors’

In its forthcoming regulatory update, the European Commission should take account of internet competition to the telecoms industry, says Daniel Pataki, director of the European Telecommunications Network Operators (ETNO).