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Economy & Jobs 05-02-2016

Europe’s other Russia ‘problem’

Russia’s economy continues to die a slow death, and is forecasted to contract even further this year. Europe must shine a spotlight on Russian business practices that threaten to have a global impact, writes Sir Graham Watson.
Brexit 04-09-2015

Why David Cameron could lose his referendum

David Cameron's biggest problem is how little UK citizens know about the EU. Britain's EU partners best bet would be to speed up the debate on greater economic competitiveness in the hope that Brits will vote to stay, writes Graham Watson.
Future EU 30-11-2011

Sir Graham Watson: The French-German motor is kaput

Angela Merkel refuses to develop Eurobonds or to allow the European Central Bank to be a lender of last resort, while Nicolas Sarkozy may need one of those options to emerge from difficulty, which means that the French-German motor is "kaput", newly elected European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party leader Sir Graham Watson told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.