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Politics 30-04-2019

Experts point out deficiencies in countering the jihadist threat

With the jihadists behind the bloodshed in Paris and Brussels able to criss-cross European borders at will, anti-terror chiefs have been forced to come together to seek a common response to a global threat.

ALDE requests nuclear option over Hungary

The liberal ALDE group in the European Parliament called on Monday (21 September) for the activation of article 7 of the EU Treaty against Hungary over its handling of refugees.
Security 02-02-2006

European court puts safeguards on Schengen blacklist

A ruling from the European Court of Justice has upheld the primary European law right of free movement, even of persons subject to a Schengen area blacklisting 'alert'.
Security 25-11-2005

EU to strengthen checks on visas and asylum seekers

To strengthen security against terrorist attacks, the Commission has adopted a package of measures designed to allow greater monitoring of those seeking entry to the EU.  
Security 09-06-2005

EU border-free zone stretches to new member states

In the month which sees the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Schengen agreement, the Commission has published proposals to extend the borderless zone to the new EU member states by 2007.
Security 06-06-2005

Swiss say yes to EU Schengen area

In a referendum on 5 June, 55 per cent of the Swiss voted to enter the EU's Schengen area, an agreement initially signed in 1985 to remove passport controls at Europe's internal borders.
Security 24-02-2004

Visa holders visiting the EU to be put on a European database

In a move to step up the fight against visa fraud, the Council has adopted conclusions on the architecture, functionalities and biometric identifiers to be included in the future European-wide database on visas.
Security 12-12-2003

Commission wants the EU database of ‘wanted persons’ to include biometrics

According to the latest Commission's Communication on the second generation Schengen information system (the so-called 'SIS II') , the extended version of the existing Schengen database should include biometrics.