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Future EU 20-02-2013

Brussels wins new powers over national budgets

The European Commission will check eurozone countries' draft budgets to verify whether they are in line with EU rules and will ask for changes if they are not, under a deal struck today (20 February) with the European Parliament, which adopted the so-called two-pack bundle of legislation.
Euro & Finance 20-06-2012

Europe’s leaders are suffering from amnesia

The financial and economic ills afflicting Europe would be treated more effectively if those who govern the Union - in fact, national leaders gathered at EU summits - were not themselves suffering from amnesia, writes Alain Lamassoure.
Euro & Finance 14-06-2012

MEPs give green light to negotiate new fiscal discipline package

The European Parliament approved yesterday (13 June) an economic governance package that foresees setting up a redemption fund to help countries in financial trouble and gives more power to the EU to control national budgetary and economic policies. That gives a clear mandate to start negotiations with EU ministers that are expected to last for months.  
Euro & Finance 13-06-2012

MEPs to pass economic governance ‘two-pack’

  The new economic governance rules to strengthen eurozone budgetary discipline, known as the ‘two-pack’, are expected to be passed in a vote today (13 June) in the European Parliament. 
Euro & Finance 08-03-2012

Belgian minister vows to resist ‘ultra-liberal’ Commission

Belgium's enterprise minister Paul Magnette criticised the European Commission for being "too tough" on his country and pleaded for more "margin of manoeuvre" for national governments to enforce EU budget discipline rules.
Central Europe 20-02-2012

EU readies economic sanctions against Hungary

Hungary is set to become the first country hit by the EU's new economic sanctions as the European Commission prepares to announce proposals to suspend part of the country's regional funding for failing to correct its excessive deficit.
Euro & Finance 15-09-2011

EU wins battle over national debt vetting

Members of the European Parliament are rejoicing today (15 September) as they announce new rules which for the first time will grant more power to Brussels than to member states in policing the debt levels of troubled eurozone countries.
Euro & Finance 08-09-2011

Lawmakers near breakthrough on economic ‘six-pack’

The European Parliament is getting closer to a breakthrough on the 'six-pack' of economic governance legislation, Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the liberal ALDE group, told Brussels journalists yesterday (7 September).