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Economy & Jobs 22-05-2019

EU elections 2019: What do parties propose for young people?

Only 28% of Europeans aged 16 to 24 voted in the last EU election in 2014 compared to a total turnout of 42%. Ahead of this week's vote, EURACTIV looked at the proposals for young people coming from the main European political parties.
Economy & Jobs 24-01-2019

The skills gap – an economic burden for the EU

Digitalisation, the transition towards a greener economy, demographic changes… have increased the skills gap. As workers and companies struggle to deal with it, the European economy suffers. The EU is working to reduce it.

German nursing sector hesitant to recruit abroad

Almost all parts of Germany have a shortage of qualified nursing staff. But healthcare providers are reluctant to recruit skilled workers from abroad, according to a recent study by the Bertelsmann Foundation.

Germany debates new immigration law amid skills shortage

Thomas de Maizière is convinced Germany does not need a new immigration law. But outside the center-right, many are in favour of making it easier for foreign nationals to enter the labour market, where they are urgently needed. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Development Policy 10-02-2015

France promises aid for job training in Africa

France announced the creation of a foundation for professional training in Africa at the French-African forum held in Paris on 6 February, to help deal with one of the biggest issues threatening the continent's future economic development.  EURACTIV France reports

Least educated worst hit by jobs crisis, says OECD report

Europe's unemployment crisis has had the worst impact on people who failed to complete secondary school education, regardless of age, says a new report on education around the world.

EU to push dual education to bridge skills mismatch

Business people slammed Europe’s education and training systems for being inapt to prepare jobseekers to fill vacancies and called for school system reforms, including establishing dual learning schemes, which European Commission President José Manuel Barroso said will be highlighted in the upcoming EU proposal on skills.

Belgium best-poised to attract non-EU ‘brains’

Compared to other EU countries, Belgium scores highest when it comes to speeding up legal processes to attract highly-skilled workers, a study has found.