About: slot allocation

Transport 10-07-2012

Parliament calls for airport slot reform

In a bid to tackle the expected doubling of air traffic by 2030, MEPs have called for increased transparency and competitiveness in the allocation of airport slots.
Transport 30-08-2007

Slots trading under Open Skies – the implications for allocating capacity

While the signing of the Open Skies agreement between the EU and the USA has been hailed as a triumph for the consumer, with the prospect of more intensive competition and lower fares in the transatlantic market, the actual impact of the deal may be severely restricted because of limited airport capacity and slot shortages in the EU, according to a study by the independent economics consultancy Oxera.
Transport 28-04-2003

Commission proposes relaxed rules for airport slot allocation

On 25 April, the Commission tabled a proposal to relax the rules for the allocation of take-off and landing slots at European airports for the summer season 2003.