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Digital 13-05-2020

Commission seeks ‘largest possible participation’ of EU citizens for COVID-19 apps

The European Commission has said that the 'largest possible participation' of EU citizens is required in order for coronavirus contact tracing applications to work effectively.
Digital 13-04-2020

COVID-19 mobile app available to governments for a symbolic euro

The Bulgarian authorities have given their blessing to an initiative by local IT developers who created a mobile app aimed at creating a real-time link between citizens and health authorities. The developers told EURACTIV they are ready to make the application available for other countries for a symbolic one euro.
Data protection 04-04-2020

Smartphone vs virus, is privacy always going to be the loser?

In Europe, officials, doctors and engineers are looking at how smartphones could be enlisted in the war against the spread of the new coronavirus.
Health 13-03-2020

Italy and South Korea virus outbreaks reveal disparity in deaths and tactics

In Italy, millions are locked down and more than 1,000 people have died from the coronavirus. In South Korea, hit by the disease at about the same time, only a few thousand are quarantined and 67 people have died.
Circular economy 15-02-2018

France pushes for product ‘lifetime’ labelling

In a first draft roadmap on circular economy, the French government is thinking about supporting a voluntary product “life” label. But such an idea could only become mandatory at European level. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Economy & Jobs 01-03-2017

Growing fake smartphone market raises eyebrows in Brussels

The rise of counterfeit smartphone devices in the EU in 2015 is dealing a severe blow to industry sales and consumer safety, a new report has warned.
Trade & Society 13-12-2016

Industry group says smartphones could help slash growing trade in counterfeits

Smartphones could help slash the amount of counterfeit products that are sold in Europe, according to a new report.
Development Policy 16-06-2015

The phone app challenging violence against women in a Mumbai slum

Domestic abuse is rife in Dharavi slum, but a new project uses a smartphone app and trained community workers to improve the reporting of violence.
Digital 30-04-2014

Antitrust action against Motorola, Samsung over Apple injunctions

The European Commission Tuesday (29 April) used antitrust rules to prevent telecoms companies using court orders for patent infringements on industry standard technology to restrict competition.
Digital 10-10-2013

US trumps EU on blind-friendly high-tech consumer products

SPECIAL REPORT / The EU is trailing behind the US on online accessibility laws that make it easier for the visually impaired to access the internet or use a smartphone.
Health 04-10-2013

New mobile app detects plastic in consumer care products

A new application for smart phones offering consumers information about the presence of plastic microbeads in personal care products will be launched today (4 October).
Digital 23-05-2013

Southern Europe catching up on e-commerce boom

Europe continued to hold the world’s largest share of the business-to-consumer e-commerce market, increasing its total revenue by almost one-fifth to €311.6 billion during 2012, according to a new survey seen by EURACTIV.
Digital 04-03-2013

Firms see smartphones as weak link in cybersecurity

SPECIAL REPORT / The explosion in smartphone use is leaving businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks since almost half of their employees' mobile phones can become a target, according to new research.
Digital 25-02-2013

Policymakers mull privacy wake-up call for app companies

SPECIAL REPORT / Up to 15,000 representatives of the world’s leading app makers who begin meeting in Barcelona today (25 February) face a “wake up call” when European policymakers come up with proposals to strengthen privacy rules in the sector later this week.
Competition 04-04-2012

EU probes Motorola for overcharging on patents

The Commission today (3 April) opened an investigation into whether phonemaker Motorola Mobility breached antitrust rules by allegedly over-charging Microsoft and Apple for use of its patents in their products.
Digital 20-02-2012

Smartphone use changes debate on data protection

Consumer organisations and industry are squaring for battle over how far smartphone users’ personal data can be used under the European Union’s proposed data protection regime.
Digital 13-09-2011

Smartphone security below par, says EU agency

Smartphone security is not what it ought to be as popular apps are increasingly targeted by cyber attackers, according to a report by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).