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Air Quality 22-02-2018

EU court rules against Poland’s air pollution

The Court of Justice ruled on Thursday (22 February) that Poland has infringed air quality laws, urging Warsaw to comply "without delay" or face fines after finding that the country has regularly exceeded fine particle limits for years.
Air Quality 29-01-2018

Italian cities top smog index as EU ministers face air pollution grilling

Pressure has increased on Italy’s environment minister ahead of a crucial meeting in Brussels after the World Health Organisation revealed that three Italian cities are the worst in Europe in terms of air pollution and smog.
Transport 08-03-2017

Air pollution forces Barcelona to ban old cars from roads

Barcelona will ban cars that are older than 20 years from the roads during the week to cut traffic emissions by 30% over 15 years. EURACTIV’s partner The Guardian reports.
Climate change 10-02-2017

Smog-plagued Poland tries to escape tag as ‘Europe’s China’

Poland’s government has finally promised action after air pollution provoked the ire of the general public. However, Marek Józefiak wonders if Warsaw will dare to take action that will affect their coal-centred vision of economy.
Climate change 06-01-2016

Smog causes 84,000 premature deaths annually in Italy

The European Commission is ready to proceed with infringement procedures against Italy on account of its dire smog problem. EURACTIV Italy reports.

EU, China officials begin green growth talks in ‘airpocalypse’ smog

The EU’s top environment and industry officials are meeting Chinese leaders for talks on promoting green growth today (19 July), as Beijing advises the young, elderly and ill to remain indoors due to “heavy pollution” for the 68th time this year.
Climate change 02-12-2004

Commission prepares air pollution action plan

By mid-2005, the Commission will present a new action plan to reduce air pollution. It has launched an internet consultation inviting stakeholder input on its future policy measures.
Climate change 07-08-2003

Heatwave raises new demands for European approach to ozone smog

The high summer temperatures are leading to potentially harmful ground-level ozone concentrations in several Member States, giving rise to new calls for a stricter EU policy on air pollution.