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Economy & Jobs 02-07-2019

To promote social cohesion, conflicts need to be part of the debate

Community and belonging - what do these terms mean in an increasingly diverse and identity-focused world? At the Young Europeans' Forum 2019 that took place in Berlin in June, young people discussed what makes a good society and how social cohesion can be promoted at an individual level. EURACTIV Germany reports.
EU Elections 2019 01-07-2019

Inequalities of chances, income and capital are destroying society, says German expert

In an interview with EURACTIV Germany,  Hanno Burmester, founder of the consultancy firm Unlearn, spoke about the widening gap between rich and poor in Europe, the rise of nationalism and whether social cohesion is crumbling.
Economy & Jobs 05-06-2018

EU needs to fight inequalities, new Spanish PM says

Spain's new Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said yesterday (4 June) the European Union should be a space of economic and social cohesion and that inequalities within the bloc must be reduced.
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Has the EU abandoned social regulation?
Economy & Jobs 22-02-2016

Has the EU abandoned social regulation?

The Lisbon Treaty states that the EU aims to promote social progress and improve the living and working conditions of the peoples of Europe.

Nobody is exempt from social justice and concerns for the poor

Today, 20 February, is World Social Justice Day. This is a good occasion to remind European policy makers that they cannot act as if they were exempt from concerns for the poor and for social justice, writes Jorge Nuño Mayer, Secretary General of Caritas Europa. 
EU Priorities 2020 22-11-2012

Rising poverty and unemployment: Discarded priorities of the EU budget

After more than two years of campaigning for a social pillar in the EU budget, the proposals made last week are extremely disappointing and worrying, writes Pierre Baussand.

Belgians seek to enforce Lisbon Treaty social clause

During its six-month EU presidency, Belgium will seek to enforce the so-called 'social clause' of the Lisbon Treaty, ensuring that policymakers in Brussels and national capitals keep a close eye on the social impact of all new legislation, a meeting of EU social ministers heard last Friday (9 July).
Climate change 06-05-2010

EU urged to consider social impact of climate policies

EU climate policies must be adjusted to ensure that they do not hit the poorest households hardest, according to a group of climate change and social justice experts.
Central Europe 06-05-2010

Eastern Europe frowns at EU ‘poverty’ target

Eastern EU countries have either rejected or dismissed as irrelevant a planned EU target to reduce poverty, proposed by the European Commission under a ten-year economic plan called 'Europe 2020'. The EURACTIV network reports.

Barroso’s social pledge fails to convince

Reappointed European Commission President José Manuel Barroso's pledge to reinvigorate the EU's social agenda has received a mixed reception among stakeholders, with some tentatively hopeful and others fearing "business as usual".
Regional Policy 15-05-2008

EU funds refocused on competitiveness and social cohesion

Member-state governments are re-focusing the EU's cohesion policy to boost workers' qualifications, education and employability, the Commission said at the conclusion of negotiations on funds allocated for the 2007-2013 period.
Health 08-11-2007

Quality of Life

Well-being and quality of life in a population, which are linked to factors such as standard of living, happiness, freedom and environmental health, are essential to economics and political science. Politicians are showing an increasing interest in developing a 'Gross National Happiness' index, similar to GDP.
Health 18-07-2007

Global project to develop statistics on quality of life

A world statistics forum bringing together major international organisations ranging from the UN and EU to the Islamic Conference has decided to launch a global project to measure societal progress - beyond conventional economic measures - in individual countries.

EU cash delivers in poorest regions

EU funds have successfully boosted productivity and employment in the bloc’s poorest regions, helping them catch up with their neighbours, the Commission said in a first assessment of European cohesion policy over the 2000-2006 programming period.
Health 29-05-2007

Interview: ‘GDP growth does not improve quality of life’

"Simply improving GDP and living standards itself does not improve or makes only very slow changes to peoples' assessment of their quality of life," says Eurofound's survey co-ordinator in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
Health 29-05-2007

Eurofound examines EU quality of life

Four years after its first survey, Eurofound is preparing its latest study on the quality of life in Europe, to see whether changes in public policies have affected citizens' lifestyles.
Transport 23-05-2007

Urban areas urged to tackle social exclusion

Europe must focus on providing increased mobility options for its marginalised citizens if it is to achieve its Lisbon targets of social inclusion, economic growth and job creation, transport stakeholders are urging.

Citizens don’t share business euphoria over economy

While the European economy is entering a boom phase, social reality lags behind, a number of recently published reports suggest.

Social cohesion in the Czech Republic

In this ECFIN Country Focus, author Marek Mora analyses the factors that underlie the Czech Republic’s high level of social cohesion.
Economy & Jobs 14-07-2006

In some places, the working poor are even poorer

The purchasing power of workers receiving the minimum wage varies 1 to 7.5 throughout the EU-28, according to the most recent Eurostat figures. Seven member states still do not have a minimum wage.

NGO: Migration is a major poverty risk in Europe

Asylum seekers and 'sans-papiers' are some of the most vulnerable groups of the EU population, finds Caritas Europa's third report on poverty in Europe, which highlights poverty and social exclusion of migrants in Europe.

NGOs see social issues ‘back on the agenda’

The Party of European Socialists, social NGOs and businesses are equally happy about the 23-24 March 2006 Spring Council's commitment to social cohesion, citizen involvement and job creation for young people.
Sports 10-02-2006

EU partners harnessing sport for urban regeneration

Twenty four partners from the EU have joined forces to help sports facilities contribute to economic development, urban regeneration, social inclusion and the image of towns and cities.

The future of social policy in an enlarged EU

At the end of 2002, a high-level panel of social and labour experts was asked to find a way forward for social policy in an enlarging European Union. Their report demonstrates how the European social model can maintain its central place in a functioning market economy.