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Economy & Jobs 26-04-2017

App economy jobs come under Commission scrutiny

The European Commission will change an EU law on employment contracts by the end of the year in a move to create standards for precarious jobs created by online apps like Uber and Deliveroo.

May Day rally in Paris turns violent as pressure against labour reform grows

Police fired tear gas after protesters hurled bottles and other projectiles during a May Day rally in Paris yesterday (1 May), where controversial labour reforms were the main focus of demonstrations.

Peace index: Economic woes breed social unrest

The ongoing economic crisis has made the world a more violent place, according to the Global Peace Index (GPI), which predicts further instability unless governments take an equitable approach to fiscal austerity measures.

Greece to appear ‘sick man’ at EU summit

Outbreaks of street violence in Greece reminiscent of France's May '68 events mean the Mediterranean country will appear to be 'the sick man of Europe' at an EU summit starting in Brussels today (11 December).

Citizens don’t share business euphoria over economy

While the European economy is entering a boom phase, social reality lags behind, a number of recently published reports suggest.

EU debates European social model

At two important events, leaders of the EU and its member states will discuss the European model, focusing on whether successful models such as the Nordic one can be transferred to countries in distress.