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Economy & Jobs 21-01-2021

After a year of disruption, changes to the world of work will continue

2020 saw the swift transformation of work as an unprecedented amount of people worked from home, while others had to completely change their systems to adapt to the health crisis. Though the end of the pandemic is in sight, certain changes will remain and even accelerate in 2021. 
Politics 30-03-2020

Polish organisations protest crackdown on social dialogue

Polish employer’s organisations and trade unions protested on Sunday (29 March) against what they called an attack by the authorities on the independence of the country’s Social Dialogue Council and the autonomy of social partner organisations, under the disguise of measures to combat COVID-19.
Economy & Jobs 14-03-2018

ILO concerned about the future of social dialogue

If social dialogue is to remain useful it will have to adapt to changes in the labour market. New, atypical forms of work have blurred the lines of the employee-employer relationship. The representativeness of these relations is a key issue. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Economy & Jobs 09-03-2018

A turnaround for social Europe?

Criticised for its lack of action on the social dialogue, the European Commission could reverse the trend this year with a “Fairness Pack” in mid-March that will include the creation of a European Labour Authority. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Economy & Jobs 20-02-2018

Transnational company agreements – another form of social dialogue in Europe

Transnational company agreements, made within European multinationals have helped to Europeanise industrial relations. Although the European Commission views such agreements as an innovative tool for cooperation, it has yet to define a legal framework for them. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Economy & Jobs 08-02-2018

Sectoral Social Dialogue: The promising side of industrial relations in the EU

The 44 Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees promote better working conditions in sectors as varied as the chemical industry or the footwear sector. It enjoys a lot of support and has received rave reviews but currently only affects a limited number of sectors. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Economy & Jobs 24-01-2018

The end of European labour agreements?

Barely a dozen sectoral agreements have been finalised ever since social dialogue was established in Europe. The social partners’ contradictory objectives and the progressive disinvestment of the European Commission are to blame for this.
Economy & Jobs 10-01-2018

European social dialogue still unknown to many workers

More than 30 years after it was launched by Jacques Delors, the European social dialogue is still struggling to reach workers. This is the main finding of a detailed survey published this week by Humanis. EURACTIV France reports
Digital & Media 08-01-2016

Digitalising workplace relations

If managed correctly, the increasing use of digital technology in the workplace could help bring workers together and strengthen their role within businesses. Our partner La Tribune reports.

Unions and employers step into new social dialogue design

In the aftermath of the economic crisis, and the push by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to revive social dialogue, unions and employers’ organisations are starting to shape a modus operandi that will help them recover power and influence both in Brussels, and in national capitals.

Report: Companies score better with bottom-up employee engagement

Despite the slow economic recovery, a high number of managers and employee representatives in the EU report a good work climate, and say that the growing involvement of employees in companies’ daily decision-making is good for performance and economic growth.

Commission seeks to revive battered social dialogue

In a move to give new impetus to social partners’ relations, seen as instrumental in the new economic governance set up, the European Commission launched on Thursday (5 March) a new start for social dialogue.

Social dialogue under stress in crisis-hit EU

Social dialogue is under great strain throughout the EU because of the economic crisis, with Eastern Europe particularly hard hit, says a report presented by the European Commission yesterday (11 April).
Euro & Finance 19-08-2011

FTT should be used to create jobs, says top trade unionist

A financial transaction tax is needed to repair the damage of the financial crisis, which has cost millions in jobs, and the money should be used to invest in low-carbon growth and employment, said Bernadette Ségol, the newly-appointed secretary-general of the European Trade Union Confederation, in an interview with EURACTIV. 

Interview: EU has ‘failed’ to connect with citizens

Recent EU initiatives to connect with citizens "probably failed", but recent calls from the European Parliament for a structured dialogue between the EU institutions and civil society are "a very positive sign," Social Platform President Conny Reuter told EURACTIV in an interview.

MEPs push for ‘structured dialogue’ with EU citizens

The European Parliament yesterday (13 January) adopted, by a large majority, a report calling for a "structured civil dialogue" between the EU institutions and civil society.
Sports 02-07-2008

Footballers, clubs get EU forum to tackle labour rows

A new European social dialogue committee on professional football was launched by the Commission this morning to support employer-player dialogue and help shape employment relations.

Works Council: Špidla raises pressure on unions

In a statement to the European Parliament on 8 May 2008, Employment and Social Affairs Commissioner Vladimír Špidla said that Brussels will go ahead with the revision of the European Works Council (EWC) directive even if the European Trade Union Confederation continues to block social partners' negotiations on the matter. 
Languages & Culture 16-01-2008

No ‘conflict of cultures’, Islamic leader tells EU Parliament

The Grand Mufti of Syria yesterday told MEPs that he did not believe in the conflict of cultures because "we are all building one culture", becoming the first religious leader to address the Parliament during the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.
Languages & Culture 06-03-2007

‘Intercultural dialogue’ to dominate Euro-Med meeting

European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering proposal to include intercutural dialogue as a main topic of the 16-17 March Euro-Med plenary session in Tunis has been welcomed by the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (EMPA) bureau.

Telework agreement worked out well

Employers and Trade Unions have drawn a positive résumé of the first ever Social Partners agreement on the European level. 

Delors sees need for EU minimum salary

Urging UNICE to re-engage in the European Social Dialogue, the former Commission President Jacques Delors backed a common minimum salary.    

France launches plan to get older people back into work

In an attempt to increase employment rates among older people, French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin wants to introduce new schemes for older workers.

Experts debate future of EU labour market

Where should the priorities in EU labour policy be? Can the Danish flexicurity success be exported? How to reconcile flexibility and social security? Those questions and more were debated by a panel at Employment Week.