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Jean-Claude Juncker arrives in the European Parliament for political group hearings, Brussels, 8 July 2014 ["© European Union 2014 - European Parliament]

Juncker and a Revival of the ‘European Social Model’?

Juncker’s plans to relax austerity and assess the social impact of structural reforms suggests that a revival of the ‘European social model’ is in the making. But what does that mean, asks Leticia Díez Sánchez.

Social dimension of the EMU: the road half taken

At this month's European Council (24-25 October), EU leaders are supposed to discuss the social dimension of the economic and monetary union, a proposal launched by the Commission, early October. Ideas are floated, but the initiative lacks ambition and far-reaching steps, writes Andrej Stuchlik.

Reflecting on EU solidarity

The European Union has had a social agenda since the early days of the European Economic Community (EEC), argues Joachim Fritz-Vannahme, director of European projects at the Bertelsmann Stiftung, in a November paper.

Calls for ‘a more social’ Europe are unjustified

Calls for Europe to be 'more social' are unjustified as there is nothing particularly 'un-social' either in the EU at large or the internal market, argues Jacques Pelkmans in a paper for the College of Europe.